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Pieter van Zyl
Works at Sasol
Attended Danie Theron Primary School
Lives in Secunda


Pieter van Zyl

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I am using Stylus Beta for Android. Try it out, it's amazing! #HWR
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Pieter van Zyl

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Ok. Interesting. You quote Calvin as a rebuttal for Justin. Now, why don't you use scripture as a rebuttal? Give us scripture to show that these heresies WoF are teaching are scriptual. No, you can't and you know it and now you use Calvin the man's opinion to show us that Justin is in the wrong.

Again, all of you WoF's come with the Scripture to prove that you are teaching the truth and sound doctrine.

Just for intresting sake before you accuse me for being a Calvinest, I'm not.
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Pieter van Zyl

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You say that God healed you are you sure? You just accept it as a mater of fact that God did. Are you sure? You forget that Satan can slso heal. These heretic WoF preachers are doing signs and wonders through the power of Satan.

Oeps! I forgot. Satan does not have power over them, they are gods. They can't get sick. They can't be poor and They can't die. How in the world do I dare to think otherwise. Oh my, now I'm in trouble I've touched the anointed of god.
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Pieter van Zyl

commented on a video on YouTube.
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What the on earth is this fool doing. This wolf is exalting a man to the level of God! Interesting, now that Satan can't exalt himself above God he goes and tell people they can be God. These people are ignorant and they think God will not deal with them as He did with Satan. I shan't be surprised if we hear that these people fell and hard at that. God SHALL not share His Glory with no one. 
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  • Danie Theron Primary School
    Primary School, 1977 - 1983
  • Carletonville High School
    High School, 1984 - 1988
Basic Information
Process Controler
  • Sasol
    Process Controller, 1990 - present
Map of the places this user has livedMap of the places this user has livedMap of the places this user has lived
Carletonville - Upington
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