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Tomrrow is another day!
Tomrrow is another day!

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A Land of Castles and Dragons

We were able to make out ancient sleeping dragons in the hills their bony spinal ridge in stark contrast to the crisp blue sky...

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The Myth of Electronic Logs and Safety

Imagine if you will, your company makes a decision in the name of safety by mandating that employees be required to wear an ankle bracelet to track their every move, every minute of every day. This electronic device, they claim is non-invasive and only there for safety records, but throughout the day it tracks how fast you are walking or driving, when you are driving, when you are idling, when you are sleeping, when you are working, when you are relaxing, and for how long, down to the second, and with a GPS location accuracy down to a mere few feet. Does that make you feel safe? Does that promote a healthy and pleasant work environment? Or do you feel like a criminal for doing nothing more than your daily job? How does it feel to have your working and free time monitored against your will, all for the sake of being employed? Least I forget to mention, the company will have you to pay out of pocket for this device, as well as charge you for the monthly monitoring fee. If you think your cable company is expensive, wait till you see this bill! Would you really enjoy giving up all your personal freedoms just to be able to drive or go to work?

This is what truck drivers are facing. These ELDs (Electronic Logging Devices) are a reality already in place with many companies, and mandated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and government for all truck drivers by the end of this year. Mandated by people who have never ridden in, much less actually driven a truck themselves. Mandated by people who will make millions by putting the small business, those who make up more than ¾ of the trucking industry as owner/operators, out of business. Keep in mind, of the nearly 4 million truck drivers on the road, the vast majority of drivers are small fleets and independent owner operators. Each of these drivers are much like my fiance, with decades of professional driving experience with multi-million accident-free miles under their belts. These are the drivers that you want to keep on the road, not run out of business.

In 1998 Werner Enterprise trucking company, one of the mega fleets, was facing the revocation of their operating license due to the company-wide poor safety record. Instead of having their business license revoked, they agreed to install electronic logging devices in their trucks to monitor their drivers. The company, due to multiple accidents and safety violations, essentially agreed to putting an ankle bracelet on their trucks to monitor the every waking and sleeping, moving and still, motions of their drivers. Now Werner claims they are the pioneers of ELDs, when in fact the ELD was used as a punitive monitoring device because of poor safety. It is used as a means of monitoring and dictating down to the digital second a truck driver's entire day. Yes, the entire day, not just “work day” because a truck is a driver's home while out on the road. Many drivers are out weeks and even months at a time.

ELDs are not about safety, they are about money and the control of it. They are an invasion of privacy and a violation of the 4th amendment. ELDs have been proven to not only impede safe driving habits, but in fact cause more stress and distraction, in turn decreasing safety. ELDs are a form of coercion. They are a way to strong arm small businesses out of business by forcing them to purchase unnecessary expensive equipment just to operate, when there is already a valid, working alternative in place. The existing logging method, used by the vast majority of trucking companies are hand written paper logs, these have worked fine for decades and are one less electronic device to distract a driver.

If you think ELDs are green and a way to remove paperwork, think again. Drivers still have to keep up with all receipts, bills of lading from shippers and receivers, scale tickets, etc... Plus, everyone on ELDs must also carry paper logs as a backup. Any of the trucks which are too old to comply with ELDs due to not having an ECM, the driver will have to keep up with 8 forms of paper daily that show the driver's name, truck number, location, and date/time stamped. EIGHT extra pieces of paper daily to prove their location, oh and toll receipts don't count. Little facts like this show the ELD mandate is not about safety, but about control. Plain and simple, the ELD mandate is nothing more than a power grab by the big box mega fleets and their cronies at the FMCSA and the American Trucking Association (ATA)

We as truck drivers need your help to get congress to listen. The FMCSA and the ATA do not have the best interest of drivers in mind. They are influenced by money from the mega fleets. Don't let them muddy the waters. Our argument is simple and on point. ELDs are dangerous, have never been about safety, but rather as a punishment and a case of guilty until proven innocent. Over 3 million truck drivers across the country, spanning decades of experience are speaking out against this unfair and unconstitutional bit of legislation.

If you are a truck driver, know a truck driver, drive a car, ride on a bus, a train, a bike, or even drive a motorcycle, or even a pedestrian who has never driven or rode in a car or truck, this ELD will affect you. ELDs will make the already crowded roads, more crowded by stressed and more distracted drivers rushing under a digital clock that in essence is nothing more than an electronic ankle bracelet akin to those used to monitor criminals. Do you really want to share the roads with drivers who are stressed by such underhanded, invasive, anti-safety tactics? I wouldn't.

Consider this, if a device is going to affect a truck driver's ability to do their job in a timely, logical, and safe manner, it is going to affect your bottom line – your money. Anything that costs a driver extra money, slows them down, stresses them out, or otherwise interferes in some way with interstate commerce is going to show at the consumer level by increased prices. It's just a matter of common business sense that when expenses go up, the lose of revenue is passed on to the consumer. All your food, clothes, fuel, building items, everything you use on a daily basis will continue to go up in price once ELDs become the norm instead of the punishment for poorly managed companies.

Help us to help all of us not become a victim of this government overreach and over regulation. Contact your senator and local governments to express your disagreement with the ELD mandate.

© Sierra Sugar 06/15/2017
Twitter: @SierraSugar

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And that leads us into the F'ing ELD mandate breathing down our necks. One20 doesn't like it any more than the rest of us. But unless something changes, ELDs are going to happen. Every company and their mother out there are providing ELD solutions that dig deep into the average driver or owner-ops pockets. One20 has a different idea.

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All right all you truck drivers, don't be shy! It is you, yes YOU that I want to hear from and have featured in this project. It doesn't matter how boring or mundane you think your day to day happens to be, there is a little something special in every single day and every single person.

Send me a message and let's start getting you all signed up to be featured in this day in the life of project. I want to show just how awesome trucking can be! So I'm shining the spotlight on all of YOU.

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Carey Hall, heavy haul truck driver and Ice Road Trucker, talks about his career in over-sized, over-weight freight, perils of driving in climates like Alaska, and friendly pranks.

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