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Well Played Google! 

You knew us developers would be eager for another programming challenge to gain entry to #io2014  and you didn't disappoint!

I've had a lot of fun writing code to find the #io14  easter eggs littered throughout the developer pages, images and videos!

So far I've found (used) easter-egg links in the following pages, videos and images:

Three Flaws in Software Design - Part 3: Being Too Generic
Google Design Minutes — Glass: Make it simple
Three Flaws in Software Design - Part 2: Not Making the Code Easy to Change
Three Flaws in Software Design - Part 1: Writing Code that isn't Needed
GDC 2014: Growth Hacking with Play Games
Keynote: So what's Google got to do with games?

Good luck and I look forward to seeing everyone at the conference this year! 
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Not sure what you did to look for images, but you've certainly missed a few...
+Nick Kerr, I've been searching all day. Any pointers or help you could provide would be much appreciated.
+Ben Baranovsky The approach I took was to write a web-crawler that checks the headers of pages & images to find content that was modified within the past 7 days. I then searched those pages for "" and manually examined any images that were returned.

For videos, I extracted the annotations from videos and search those annotations for "".

Good luck! :) 
Hi Nick, Would you willing to share your source code! 
I'm a student and would really love to see how your code works.
I know, I was going to try using idm to download all images from google developers added in the last 4 days and then sort thru them, but only had my chromebook pixel on me. 
I ended up running a wget on (yes, all of it, currently ~20 GB downloading) starting this morning and was doing text grep for "" -- found 90 unique links, 15 of which are I/O redemption links, but they were all toast by the time I hit them. Running through images now, but not optimistic.
+Jorge Deolarte - Right there with you man; same situation. The irony of only having the Pixel is... well... bittersweet.

I think I'm going to check again tomorrow, but at this point, I think I'm going to have to test my luck in the lotto.

At least I feel good knowing there there are some REAL developers who earned their seats. I hate seeing swag trolls at these things.
+Nick Kerr thanks for the reply! Let me know if you come across another. I really want to go again!
YouTube video annotations look no-go. Found a total of 36 URLs on the Google Developers and Android Developers channels, but all have been used already.
+Nick Kerr if you happen to come across any that have not been used yet, please send me a link to one. I have tried searching all day for the past two days but all I have found have been used already :( I would love to go to google IO. Never been before. Thanks so much, you sound like your awesome at coding and making scripts!
+Nick Kerr, same here! I'd love one of you got one laying around :)
Everybody is so clever with their python scripts, and here I am just skimming Android Design guides... haha
Tried that since matias recently interviewed with the verge
Only found two in the Google plus section and already used
You've found us out! We really admire your resourcefulness and are glad you're enjoying the hunt. These codes are meant to reward people like you who are loyal members of Google Developers community and we'd love to give others a chance to find these codes on their own and earn their way to I/O (much like you have!). If you find additional codes, we'd encourage you to keep the secret to yourself and let a lucky developer join you at this year's event. See you in June!
+Google Developers Based on the fact that the game tells us to continue looking I assume there really are more out there. Are you going to remove the ones that have already been used or mark them someway? It would encourage additional searching on our part.
There are still codes out there, but they may be a little harder to find--we knew you guys would get clever with your scripts!  We're moving as fast as we can to remove the used links. Can you do us a favor and stop finding them so quickly? :)
+Google Developers Hahahaha! So great.

Thoroughly enjoyed seeing these this year round, happy to have found one. Good luck to others! Glad its helping real devs get in.
+Google Developers tomorrow you will add more codes? Or you keep updating through whole day? Just to know if I should sleep today or not LOL
+Google Developers please remove the used codes, every time I found a link my heart bump faster and after I open a used link one part of my heart broke in tiny pieces
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