Online Streaming...

Spoiler Alert: This is a rant, please disregard. :)

Seeing a growing trend of online ad-supported streaming video being locked unless you are a cable or satellite customer. Wtf?!?

Part of me says it's their content, obviously they have the right, but the other screams IT'S AD-SUPPORTED!! You're getting paid for me to watch it!

Want to know another secret? It's rare I'll sit through and watch a commercial on my tv. Online streams though, I almost always watch them. I'm not even referring to passively waiting for them to end, actually watching them. When it was Hulu and they prompted asking about the commercial relevance for me, I'd take the time to respond, helping them advertise better to me. Now it seems Hulu too will require a cable or satellite provider account in good standing to be linked to your profile to gain access.. access to content you can get for free with a pair of rabbit ears and a digital tuner.

I'm sorry that the cable companies don't like that people have alternative viewing options, get over it and improve your own viewers experience.


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