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I am here for all of my followers <3 :)
I'm here for you all <3

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I believe that The Barbie company should make those Barbie's and Demi Lovato is such an inspiration I love her <3
This needs to be spread EVERYWHERE! I need this to become a real thing. Right now. Did you know that if Barbie were real, she'd have to walk on all fours, her torso wouldn't be able to hold all of her organs, and she'd be 7'2. Not exactly pretty, huh? She wouldn't even be able to physically EXIST! And all girls want to look like Barbie. Do you still?
Also, this goes to show that Demi is an inspiration. She is NOT a faggot, b**, and she's not. fat. She inspires things like this. She shows girls that you don't need to be pressured by society into being anorexicly skinny. Please remember this. 😕

Everyone Stand up for what you believe. Without it this world won't spin round. Happy Martin Luther king Jr. Day. :)

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Love LOVE this singing group and LOVEEEEEE this song!!

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Love this song and singer!
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