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Miss Granny is a 2014 South Korean parody dramatization film controlled by Hwang Dong-hyuk. Na Moon-hee stars as a lady in her 70s who mysteriously ends up in the collection of her 20-year-old self (Shim Eun-kyung) in the wake of having her portrait taken at a baffling photograph studio. After opening in theaters on January 22, 2014, it turned into an enormous film industry hit and ones Korean Movies Box Office 2014 , with 8.65 million tickets sold.
Plot Movie Miss Granny
Ho Mal-soon, a 74-year-old widow, lives with her child and his crew. She is indecent, unshakable, controlling and bold, and has a troublesome association with her discouraged girl in-law Ae-ja. She is glad for her child Hyun-chul, a college educator of gerontology, and the way that she figured out how to raise him without anyone else’s input despite seemingly insurmountable opposition. One day, Ae-ja gets hospitalized after abruptly crumpling, and specialists emphatically encourage her to live separated from Mal-soon. On the day she is told by her child that she is, no doubt sent to a nursing home, the alarmed Mal-soon meanders the lanes and goes over a puzzling photograph studio that claims it catches the minutes of one’s childhood. She takes what she accepts will be her last representation toward oneself for her not-as such off memorial service, yet when she leaves the studio, Mal-soon is astounded by her appearance in the mirror: a crisp, youthful 20-year-old lady. At the outset not recognizing what to do, she avoids her family and soon winds up hotel with a joint shop laborer. With nobody remembering her, Mal-soon chooses to make the most out of this ideal open door: She renames herself Oh Doo-ri after her unsurpassed most loved performing artist Audrey Hepburn, gets an improved hairdo like Hepburn’s in Roman Holiday, and exploits her childhood. As the “suspicious young lady” of the Korean title, all anybody sees is that Doo-ri talks with a territorial stress and strolls like an old woman, and that she demonstrations peculiarly and protective for her age. In the wake of wowing a gathering of beneficiaries with a blending karaoke tune one day, she pulls in the notice of her unknowing young grandson Ji-ha, and Han Seung-charm, a TV music maker. Ji-ha welcomes her to join his substantial metal band, and after she persuades them to switch to more crowd satisfying tunes, the band gets acclaimed with her as vocalist. Doo-ri is excited to be seeking after a vocation in music ― something she needed to surrender when she was junior. In the mean time, she gets got in an affection triangle between Mr. Park, an elderly companion who has dependably covertly adored Mal-soon, and Seung-charm, who’s trying his hardest to track her down once more.
Cast Miss Granny Movies
Shim Eun-kyung as Oh Doo-ri
Na Moon-hee as Oh Mal-soon
Stop In-hwan as Mr. Park
Sung Dong-il as Ban Hyun-chul
Lee Jin-wook as Han Seung-charm
Hwang Jung-min as Ae-ja
Kim Seul-gie as Ban Ha-na
Jinyoung as Ban Ji-ha
Kim Hyun-sook as Park Na-junior
Ha Yeon-joo as Soo-yeon
Park Hye-jin as Ok-ja
Jung In-gi as Hyun-chul’s specialist companion
Hong Seok-yeon as physicist
Lee Jang-yu as shoe stall manager
Park Hyung-charm as bassist of Ji-ha’s band
Lee Sang-age as drummer of Ji-ha’s band
Park Seung-tae as Oh Bok
Han Ji-eun as Seo Mi-ae
Hwang Young-hee as Chinese restaurant manager
Kim Seon-ha as princess in TV show
Kim Dong-hee as Dragon
Kim Dong-seok as music show MC
Pyo Ye-jin as music show MC
Kim Soo-hyun as junior Mr. Park (cameo)
Jang Gwang as picture taker (cameo)
Choi Hwa-jung as radio DJ (cameo)
Yoo Se-yoon as fabulous band vocalist (cameo)
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