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People keep talking about how SOPA and PIPA will break the internet and destroy everything for home users, because they will be removing any site that even has links to copyright infringements, or a quote of copyright material..

Yes it will break the internet, but what happens once the internet is broken??

So far nobody has pointed out that removing any site with even remote links to copyright material will mean that small businesses may be steamrolled, free expression will be trashed, people who would have otherwise made a name through the internet, or who would rely on the internet for any sort of income would be fucked over.. Anyone with a folio page developed so as to get into the design business or to promote themselves to get a job will be lost in the void that SOPA and PIPA would create..

The end result being that no one can make a life for them selves in the ways that have become conventional standards in today's day and age.. This will happen on such a large scale that the economic crisis of just over a year ago will look like a dip in the surface..

SOPA and PIPA will break the economy in ways that will drop every main stream country into a hole of depression that no one could ever hope to crawl out of..

WTF are you doing America!?!?´╗┐
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all i know is that if everyones right about how this will go down, it would cause such a massive economic downfall and not just for america cause they house all of our domain names through the .com .net .edu suffixes and so on.. anything with .com in the web address no matter what comes after whether its a .au or what ever is under the jurasdiction.. you see where this leads´╗┐
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