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#sadturnout  for parent after he wins a settlement in age discrimination case. He lost his #settlement   funds due to his daughter sharing details of settlement agreement on FB. 

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So far, it's a mixed reaction to the CA Court of Appeal decision that states it is legal to view your map on your phone while driving. Viewing a map on a phone is really no different than viewing any other type of map or paper directions. The same #negligence standard exists for #accidents caused by #distracteddriving. It's just that you won't get a ticket for driving and looking at a cell phone map. 

Jacob Regar Law now has a custom URL on our Google+ page. I think it looks pretty good. ; )

The word #negligence gets thrown around in language usage as if it is as light a concept as a simple mistake. Negligence is not a mistake. Negligence means one's conduct for a given time was without reasonable consideration of you or your property's safety. In other words, you and your property are not safe when the negligence is occurring. What does that mean to those in the zone of danger of the negligent actor? Wrong place at the wrong time. 

The law doesn't require perfection. We all make mistakes. Should we try as hard as we can on a daily basis to avoid causing harm to other people and their property? Yes!

Mistakes happen. And the commission of a mistake is forgivable. It has long been said, "to err is human." Negligence occurs when people  act without caring about the consequences of their actions. 

If you catch yourself fiddling with your phone when you should be focusing on the road, remember, that is not a mistake. 

Five Guidelines to Follow When You Appear in Court:

1) Dress in business or business-casual attire.

2) Address the judge as "Your honor."

3). If you are late to a scheduled appearance and court is already underway, walk quietly to the front of the audience section (and to the side where the deputy is positioned) and motion to the deputy that you would like to pass a note or share a message about why you are late. The deputy will share this info with the court clerk.

4) When it is your turn to speak during your conference or hearing, make sure not to speak out loud to anyone other than the judge and speak only when it is your turn.

5) Be mindful of the court reporter and when you are addressing the court, speak slow enough and clearly so that the court reporter can take down your testimony. 

Taking care to follow these easy guidelines will ensure that your court appearance goes smoothly. 

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Know What to Do When Driving if You have a Tire Blowout.

If you are driving and one of your tires suddenly goes "pop" you have to think fast. The consequences of not knowing how to handle such an abrupt and dangerous situation can mean the difference between safely stopping your vehicle or getting into a dangerous accident.

First, what you don't do! If your tire blows out, DO NOT slam on the brakes. If you quickly apply the brakes your vehicle can begin to go out of control because all of the necessary contact patches (i.e., properly inflated tires) are not equally touching the road. Your vehicle can torque violently to one side causing you to unexpectedly change lanes. Accidents have been caused this way. And they usually don't turn out well..

Second, what you should do if your tire blows out: Make sure your hands are gripping the steering wheel firmly but not so hard that your steering inputs become too extreme. Keep your vehicle straight. Then, remove your foot from the gas pedal so that your vehicle begins to slow. Wait for your vehicle to slow to a speed that you feel it is safe enough to turn toward the side of the road where you can come to a stop. You can use the brakes when the vehicle slows down enough. 

Think about these tips as you drive so that you can be prepared if something like this happens. Have any of you experienced a tire blowout on the freeway? I have. I was pulling a U-haul trailer at the time and things got pretty hairy for a second but I was able to wrestle the vehicle and trailer to the side of the road without incident. Scary stuff.

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