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Did all of you know that on the civic (at least 2016) you can open all the windows by holding the unlock button on the key fob (first you have to unlock the car) I just found that out after finding all of my windows down one night and having no recollection of driving with all windows down and forgetting to out them up. I guess I must've press the key when the keys were in my pocket. 

173rd Member!!

Has anyone noticed that when you leave an app and you come back to it, it seems as if the app restarts, like for example google chrome pages go back to the top like it was refresh and the same happens for other apps, droid turbo 2

just upgraded from the nexus 6 to the droid turbo 2.

Good bye Nexus 6 Central. I liked my nexus but could never get used to the size of the phone, I waited for the  new nexus devices to come out but first I was disappointed by the size of the 6p and the stats of the the 5x, but still I wanted to buy the 5x but since its not being sold by carriers at the moment I could not, so I just bought the Moto droid turbo 2. so far like it, specially the battery life.

Any one else thinking on switching to the moto x 2015? 

sup everyone, got an xbox one last week, after legend of zelda delay i figure i didnt have any use for a wii u so I traded it for an xbox! now playing halo again

Any one else having trouble connecting to 5.0ghz wifi networks?

How do you restart the nexus 6? 
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