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This is awesome!  I love reading how these sorts of things turn out when you know to start it isn't going to work because you know it can't. Yet somehow the original pinner made it happen. Makes you wonder.

Domain has still not transferred on the blog. sigh And the a/c is still broken. These are my first world problems today

today I am tacking the board games. Pieces & dice will be matched up with boards

a/c is dying. parts are still under warranty but I suspect we'll be paying $$$ in labor

well, I had no idea all the photos on my Android phone are on Instant Upload on Google +. Even without my asking it to upload. I have mixed feelings about this

have to figure out where the pool is leaking today. It's something to do with the filter but damned if I can sort out what

its been technology day here. Got my phone cleared off of unused apps, got the boys set up with emails on my domain, got my email program set up to get their emails

what does the kid do with his shoes? where does he put them?

ok the problem is the share setting. I suspect their will be duplicate posts in my future until I sort this out
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