Happy second anniversary - Numerics. 

Reading about 15th anniversary of Google we realised that our favourite  calculator  turned two this week.

Of course we couldn't let it pass quietly, and have a mega surprise.

Some of you probably noticed changes on the website over last few days. Yes we have quietly been preparing a special release and now we are happy to announce Numerics 2 with plenty of new features and fixes.

* In this release we have implemented not 10, not 50, not even 100, but over 200 popular fixes and features requested by you on our forum: https://calculator.uservoice.com/forums/126269-numerics-calculator-converter/status/465261
* The most important one is we are now using proper mathematical calculation engine, powered by Math.js  library. This allows to write human friendly expressions and do some really cool stuff, which we will try to cover in documentation.
* We added help method, just type "help(function)" to get detailed info on that function.
* Calculator allows operations on units, try "(5mm+5ft+10m) in cm" 
* Numerics 3 supports :
* more operators, more constants and more functions, see, http://help.numerics.info/calculator/build-in-functions-and-operators
* Complex number and operations on them, try "(2+3*i)^2"
* Matrix operations and functions, try "det([-1, 2; 3, 1])"
* probability functions
* simple boolean logic
* Users can write more sophisticated scripts and custom functions with public and private members, both in native javascript and Math.js format, see http://www.numerics.info/scripts.html
* Users can share their calculations via link
* Added more conversion units to Converter (Rankine, metric, imperial units and more)
* Many issues been fixed and improvements on all levels implemented

You can find out more on our documentation portal http://help.numerics.info
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