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Today our team has released some more of Numerics  goodness.

Here are some of the new features:

# Functions can be defined simply as f(x)=x^3, no function keyword required anymore.

# We have new permutations and combinations methods.

# Many small bugs are fixed

Stay tuned for more cool things to come. However, for us to make Numerics better for you we need your feedback.  Use one of many channels you have, suggest ideas, report issues, share Numerics with your friends.

PS. If you experience errors loading numerics, just click "reset" in scripts window
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Since I've update chrome to rev. 32 your app has stopped work. Why?
I like numerics but stopped work with chrome 32
Hi +Luigi Milano, what exactly doesn't work for you?

We have already tested it on the new Chrome, seems working for us.

Could you please share more details, we'll try to fix it for you.
Hi +Numerics a few days ago I updated my browser and since, after I launch numerics app, I obtain this messages: " 
Numerics Calculator & Converter
The app is currently unreachable."
Hi +Numerics  I've 2 configured users in my work browser and all of them have this problem.
Sorry but the direct link not work for me. Same error.
"Oops! Google Chrome could not find
Try reloading: www.­numerics.­info"
+Numerics  I've also tried with mozilla firefox virgin installation browser but same error.
+Luigi Milano can you please try this  as well?
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