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It has been sometime, since last post. So I had to come up with something exciting this time. I am glad to tell you we have listened to many of your feedback and made lots of fixes and added nice features.

My favourite one is improvements in keyboard usability, especially in converter. Now you can do all your conversions without ever touching mouse,
up/down - scroll through units
page up/page down - scroll through measures
TAB - move to next pane
CTRL S - switch left and right panes
CTRL H - show help message

You can type unit/currency's first letters and it will be automatically selected. Please, have a try and let us know if you like that.

Also we fixed many issues in calculator and have some new features:
* conditional operator 3>4?2:8. You can also use ifElse(3>4,2,8)
* more functions compare, sum, prod, var, std, median
* another function norm
* improved existing functions det,diag,exp,log,log10
* and many more minor and not so minor improvements

So please, give it a go and spread the word. Help us get more users, so we can implement more cool features for you.
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Hi, sorry for bothering you on this post but i'm new here (totally new...) and i wanted to know if there's a way to calculate personalized formulas, or to make a script based on yours that allows me to personalize my calculation methods.
Because i don't even know where to start with all this great opportunity you've given to us to "unleash" our acknowledge and imagination to make them more than just useful in real life and i have so much to do... :/
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