3.14 Happy Pi Day Numerics users ;)
Today’s date is 3.14...in other words, Pi Day! How have you been celebrating?

In honor of the math constant, we’re featuring a few, useful math-themed apps & tools that you can use both in the office, at home, or just for fun (math is fun, after all):

Numerics Calculator & Converter: This easy-to-use app can handle a wide range of calculations, unit conversions, and more (and it works offline, too) -- http://goo.gl/GZFoK
Daum Equation Editor: Quickly compose math equations and then export them as images or text files for use elsewhere. Helpful for teachers, professors, and anyone else who often works with math expressions -- http://goo.gl/lHNlF
Graphing Calculator by Desmos.com: A web alternative to traditional graphing calculators, this app graphs equations as you type them so you can alter and tweak inputs in real-time. Afterwards, you can export your graphs as a PNG, or share them with others (check out ours below!) -- http://goo.gl/Hck1z

Happy Pi Day, #chromies -- this one’s for you:
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