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Numerics is a family of fast and very user-friendly applications for variety of both simple and complex calculations
Numerics is a family of fast and very user-friendly applications for variety of both simple and complex calculations


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One of the most requested features on our feedback forum is graph support:

We are glad to inform our users, that this popular functionality is finally available

 Numerics now supports graphs with following syntax:


Try, for example:
*  plot(cos(x)) is the same as plot(cos(x),-100:100,0.5)
*  plot(cos(x);sin(x))
*  plot(x^2,-10,10) 
*  plot(sin(x);tan(x);10*sign(x),-10:10,0.1)

We invite you all give it a try and provide your feedback.
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It has been sometime, since last post. So I had to come up with something exciting this time. I am glad to tell you we have listened to many of your feedback and made lots of fixes and added nice features.

My favourite one is improvements in keyboard usability, especially in converter. Now you can do all your conversions without ever touching mouse,
up/down - scroll through units
page up/page down - scroll through measures
TAB - move to next pane
CTRL S - switch left and right panes
CTRL H - show help message

You can type unit/currency's first letters and it will be automatically selected. Please, have a try and let us know if you like that.

Also we fixed many issues in calculator and have some new features:
* conditional operator 3>4?2:8. You can also use ifElse(3>4,2,8)
* more functions compare, sum, prod, var, std, median
* another function norm
* improved existing functions det,diag,exp,log,log10
* and many more minor and not so minor improvements

So please, give it a go and spread the word. Help us get more users, so we can implement more cool features for you.
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Today our team has released some more of Numerics  goodness.

Here are some of the new features:

# Functions can be defined simply as f(x)=x^3, no function keyword required anymore.

# We have new permutations and combinations methods.

# Many small bugs are fixed

Stay tuned for more cool things to come. However, for us to make Numerics better for you we need your feedback.  Use one of many channels you have, suggest ideas, report issues, share Numerics with your friends.

PS. If you experience errors loading numerics, just click "reset" in scripts window
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We now support 160+ currencies including #Bitcoin   (BTC), #Gold (XAU), #Silver (XAG), To provide even more accurate values rates are updated hourly. 

We also listened to your feedback and made switching easier: just type currency code  e.g. "USD" and it will switch to that currency.
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Dear Numerics users,
I have some great news for you. The feature most of you have been waiting for long time is finally here. Namely, I am talking about #BigNumber support. This means we are not limited to 15-20 digit javascript numbers anymore. You can make  calculations with very big numbers without floating point rounding errors.

We also have provided an option to change precision settings. Just change /add this to scripts pane:
this.options={ notation: 'auto', precision : 50,  exponential: { lower: 1e-50,  upper: 1e+50 }};

There are some more cool things on the way. Stay tuned in.
Also,  you can use "suggest a feature" link to let us know about things we could improve to make Numerics a better calculator for you.
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I have got some great news for you. We have now got over 400 thousand users from Google Chrome store. Numerics has been the most popular calculator there for last 2 years and we try to maintain the edge by adding new cool stuff. If you haven't used it for some time, please give it another try and let us know if you miss any feature. We have made a lot of improvements recently and more are on the way. Big thanks to all our users.
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Wikipedia associates whole category of programmable online calculators with us.
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Happy second anniversary - Numerics. 

Reading about 15th anniversary of Google we realised that our favourite  calculator  turned two this week.

Of course we couldn't let it pass quietly, and have a mega surprise.

Some of you probably noticed changes on the website over last few days. Yes we have quietly been preparing a special release and now we are happy to announce Numerics 2 with plenty of new features and fixes.

* In this release we have implemented not 10, not 50, not even 100, but over 200 popular fixes and features requested by you on our forum:
* The most important one is we are now using proper mathematical calculation engine, powered by Math.js  library. This allows to write human friendly expressions and do some really cool stuff, which we will try to cover in documentation.
* We added help method, just type "help(function)" to get detailed info on that function.
* Calculator allows operations on units, try "(5mm+5ft+10m) in cm" 
* Numerics 3 supports :
* more operators, more constants and more functions, see,
* Complex number and operations on them, try "(2+3*i)^2"
* Matrix operations and functions, try "det([-1, 2; 3, 1])"
* probability functions
* simple boolean logic
* Users can write more sophisticated scripts and custom functions with public and private members, both in native javascript and Math.js format, see
* Users can share their calculations via link
* Added more conversion units to Converter (Rankine, metric, imperial units and more)
* Many issues been fixed and improvements on all levels implemented

You can find out more on our documentation portal
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Hey #Numerics users! Has anyone tried our Numerics LoanExpert?
It's a free powerful mortgage dashboard which aims to make loan offers transparent visualizing them in various ways, it also lets you to compare multiple loan options.

We'd appreciate your honest opinion, so we can improve the service.
Numerics Loan Expert
Numerics Loan Expert
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3.14 Happy Pi Day Numerics users ;)
Today’s date is other words, Pi Day! How have you been celebrating?

In honor of the math constant, we’re featuring a few, useful math-themed apps & tools that you can use both in the office, at home, or just for fun (math is fun, after all):

Numerics Calculator & Converter: This easy-to-use app can handle a wide range of calculations, unit conversions, and more (and it works offline, too) --
Daum Equation Editor: Quickly compose math equations and then export them as images or text files for use elsewhere. Helpful for teachers, professors, and anyone else who often works with math expressions --
Graphing Calculator by A web alternative to traditional graphing calculators, this app graphs equations as you type them so you can alter and tweak inputs in real-time. Afterwards, you can export your graphs as a PNG, or share them with others (check out ours below!) --

Happy Pi Day, #chromies -- this one’s for you:
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