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Do not buy from the Square Enix store. Although they have a North American store they force you to pay via a Click & buy Account. (Euro-flavored pay pal) They also have no phone support.

And they collect payment immediately upon ordering. Which is an issue because they took my $200 April 3rd and my order history still says the order is "Not Processed."

Lets see if their support ticket system actually works or if I have to get ugly through click and buy.
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What did you order for $200? Also, is the money actually gone or is the payment "pending"? I know companies will often have a hold be put on payments, to ensure the money actually exists before fulfilling an order.
It's gone and It was their super fancy replica squall necklace that ages and tarnishes like his. I got it for a friend who paid me for it; click and buy was rejecting her card.
If you have no luck with them go to your bank and fill out a Reg-E claim.
SO at least they answer support tickets in about 5 hours. Turns out these items are drop shipped. Would have been nice to list somewhere on the website that these things take 4-6 weeks to ship. But at least my money isn't lost in limbo... Just have to wait it out. Probably.
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