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I'll concede that "I Love You Forever" is heartwarming, but that creepy mother ruins it for me.

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"… it feels like a centrally planned North Korea only with more fun, less torture and the same amount of artifice."

I never did track and field in high school, but man can I use a Christmas tree as a javelin. 

Do you think you can have empathy for someone when they are feeling really good?

The lady checking my ID said I look young because I'm a Libra. I said it was because of the Botox. She insisted it was because I'm a Libra.

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Art Nouveau!

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Boy Scouts embrace the wild side and kids grow beards.

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Dude sketches Van Halen logo on resignation letter from ad agency.

I need to buy or borrow a screened canopy. If you can help with the borrowing part ... get at me.
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