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Beautiful Transparency... some may think we are in "transition" being we are going through a huge move and guess what... we are literally moving to the desert... in Bend. Ha

But, the truth is... I have been in constant transition since I became a follower of Christ, following where he leads isn't always predictable. 
A little over a year ago, I wrote the following post entitled, "On Not Buying Business Cards."  And it was an appropriate step, at the time.  I found myself following a dream, seemingly for the fir...

Angie Tolpin

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Beautiful Testimony from +Victoria Wilson on the truth behind Natural Childbirth: It's Empowering, But also Humbling and Sanctifying

"For the pushing contractions to do their job, you literally have to push into the pain. You have to submit. You have to surrender your agenda – at that moment, comfort – and walk through the trial. But, as with all refinement by fire, you come out more whole on the other side. "

Angie Tolpin

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Such a good article.
"Do you realize that Jesus is not shocked by the shocking things people do? Jesus knew Zacchaeus had robbed people blind and profited off much unethical behavior, yet Jesus was not shocked. He did not offer Zach correction, but relationship: “Come down, Zacchaeus. I’m staying at your house tonight.” (See Luke 19:5.) That shocked everyone! Yet relationship changed Zacchaeus."
I love this perspective on ministry... Amen. What ever your call is in the body of Christ, the contribution God calls you to make, it's never about you {us}! It's God's 'party!' And we just get to join Him at His Party... "shouldn't we view serving Him like this? It's His party, and over there." He may have us at this party and then invite us to a different party over there. It's all His party.

"Watch your life and your doctrine closely... it's about making disciples. The American place is a very hard place to live out biblical Christianity, because everyone will push you toward comfort and living the American way. There is a flow and a way here, of living, that isn't biblical. We are to live with our minds transformed, living differently." Francis Chan 
What I am taking away: Freedom in Christ, doesn't mean living a cozy life. Living counter-cultural {as Isaac calls it}, often times doesn't make sense to the rest of the world... sometimes it doesn't even make sense to those we call 'like-minded.'

Angie Tolpin

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It was my point of weakness. Tired, not yet alert or fully awake, I was tempted to sin… and I fell for the trap.
I sinned against my husband... I was ice cold to him. 
Maybe you have done this too? I hope my admission of sin can be used to challenge, exhort and inspire others to recognize their power of influence in their marriage.
How does your attitude contribute to your marriage?
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Angie Tolpin

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Angie Tolpin

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I Sinned Against My Husband Part 2
How do You Determine if Poking Fun is a Sin in Your Relationships?
Teaching Your Children to Choose Friends Wisely...
“If they are poking fun at or gossiping about those they call their closest friends, be careful with what you trust them with… they will most likely speak poorly about you too.”
How do you determine is poking fun is a sin? Here are 2 simply key questions to ask yourself.
Books & DVDs to Utilize as Teaching Tools during the Easter & Lent Season
Are you looking to invest in a few books to supplement your teaching of the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ during the Lent and Easter Season?

Angie Tolpin

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Division, Judgementalism, Cliches, and DISTRACTION from our main calling in life. 
Talking about the "Comparison Trap," the need to allow holiness in one another and to inspire one another toward living better without comparing... let's go there...
Here is the video of the talk, the powerpoint, the journaling questions and table talk questions for "Redeeming the Division: Cultivating Unity Among Women"...

This is a needed topic... let's join together to redeem the division, partnering with Christ 

Angie Tolpin

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Imagine if we cared enough about others that we spent dedicated time praying for them, thankful for the good we see in their lives. And imagine if we actually told the, we were thankful for what we saw in them.
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Author | Speaker | SAHHM| Blogger
Love Living on Purpose~ No Better Life than One Lived with-out Regrets!  I am the wife to Isaac Tolpin, a SAHM Mama of 6 Amazing Children and an ordinary woman serving an extra-ordinary God! My passion is to encourage families and marriages, along side my husband, to be intentional in the legacies they leave. You can get a taste for my passion at Leaving a Legacy. My most recent project has been my first book, "Redeeming Childbirth: Experiencing His Presence in Pregnancy, Labor, Childbirth and Beyond," which was published Jan. 15, 2013. My husband and I co-own a couple companies, Choose Growth & Throwing Boulders!
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Blessed mama of six, Wife Isaac Tolpin, Author of "Redeeming Childbirth," Founder & Writer at Leaving a Legacy, Marriage Speaker through Choose Growth, and Women's Ministries Speaker
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