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Our goal is to help clients understand their pets' behavior, as they strive to reach their goals.
Our goal is to help clients understand their pets' behavior, as they strive to reach their goals.

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I’ve read several articles posted on dog behavior forums
about “Positive Only” or “Positive Reinforcement” trainers. They relate that
these trainers are ruining the lives of owners and their pets by avoiding the much
needed consequences for misbehavior.   I...

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Awkward Moments in Pet Ownership: The Humping Dog
My previous dog was a Basset Hound, and like many of his breed, he was a clown. He loved to play and, on occasion, he would hump his favorite bear. This often manifested in a display which reminded me of a football center trying to hike a football - repeate...

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Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks
As of last week, I graduated from the Professional Dog Trainer’s Course through the Karen Pryor Academy. The process of learning new skills was terrific for me, but it was even better for my 15 year old Beagle Pocket. Pocket had been an animal actor many ye...

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They're Speaking, But Are We Listening?
Due to our conversation-heavy communication style, dogs are considered nuanced since they use tons of body language to convey feeling. This can make owner-pet relations strained if the human isn’t up to the task of learning a new language. Learning “Dog” is...

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Puppy Socialization and Training - A Winning Investment
Puppy socialization and training is an essential component
of a dog’s life. It lays the foundation of communication between the owner and
the pet, as well as defining boundaries and expectations. Without training, a
pet is far more likely to be euthanized d...

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What's the Prognosis
One of the hardest parts of working in the Behavior field is
confronting the question “so do you think I should put him down?” When an owner arrives for their appointment, we realize that
many are coming as their last resort. They’ve tried what worked for t...

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An Ode to the Retractable Leash
If there’s one seemingly innocuous item I could eliminate
from the Earth, it would be retractable leashes. These leashes are popular with
owners who love the freedom it affords their pet. Indeed, the dog can jet
ahead, trail behind, sniff or eliminate witho...

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Five Common Themes We See In "Misbehaving" Dogs
This was a previous post, but still begs repeating! At UC Davis’ Behavior Service, we see some common themes among our clients resulting in frustration. I thought it might be good to discuss some of the chief issues: My dog pulls! Undoubtedl y this happens ...
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