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Why Mandela Won
By: Robin Sharma

My fascination is with Icons. Titans. Heroes. And Legends...
...the great souls who accept the call to greatness we each have on our lives and rise up to their best.

On a visit to Johannesburg to deliver a leadership presentation a while ago, I had the privilege to have a private conversation with someone in Nelson Mandela's inner circle.

I learned more of his visionary nature, his rare-air discipline and his longing to be a force for good in an increasingly chaotic world.

But, what has stayed with me most is that I heard Mr. Mandela only became Nelson Mandela during his years in prison. In other words, it was the solitude, degradation, devastation and inhumanity of that time in confinement that made him who he became.

Here's my real point... was the time away from the world that allowed him to lead in the world.

While he was on Robben Island, he read the books of the iconic leaders. He studied the habits of the great souls. He reflected on the key moral virtues. He transmuted hostility into opportunity. He transformed his anger into forgiveness.

And as the gorgeous result of his inner work, when he was made president of South Africa, his jailers were invited to the ceremony.

When asked why, he replied that if they were not there, he'd still be in prison (because his mind would still be in chains).

And so, I ask you with true respect...are you longing to work and live at wow in the world but walking through your days with a mind shackled by chains?

Read the rest here:
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Why don't you talk about another hero (actually heroine), Icon, Titan in your own backyard - Kshama Sawant
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Robin Sharma

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This short, inspirational video is an actual excerpt from my Extreme Achievement Formula, the life-changing course that reveals my advanced strategies, methods, systems and tactics to become an elite achiever.

Memberships are available until MIDNIGHT tonight.

To secure your membership visit:

When you invest in your membership to EAF today, you (and all other EAF members) get an exclusive live group coaching call with me on January 7, 2015.

EAF is also the first program that I am offering with Spanish and Hindi subtitles on the core video modules.

Get your membership here:
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Inspiration leads to sucess.
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Robin Sharma

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Your outer life is a mirror of your inner life:
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Last night finished your book. The monk who sold his Ferrari, also i had read Who will cry when you die ?. Great books indeed, made me think... Thank you !! :)
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Robin Sharma

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Great ideas mean nothing without world-class willpower to get the big ideas done:
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Ya sir iam truly admire from this quote. ..Thanks to you
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Robin Sharma

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Today's the day I'm sending you the first video in my new 4-video Extreme Achiever training series.

My gift to you:

Just promise me you'll watch the video, share it, make comments on what you learn below the video and ACT on the wealth of information I'm giving you so you, as well as a ton of other people, transform:

All green lights.
Elite performance expert Robin Sharma shares an inspirational FREE training video on the mindset of mastery. Learn powerful tactics to end this year strong…
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Rasha s
Hello Robin, thank you for the beautiful inspirational videos i was wondering if you can do a video about people misrepresent themselves when they speak about work or life in general, i think about many things at the same time in the end when i talk about one idea i do not deliver my idea right and it is affecting my performance my brain won't focus it keeps jumping from one idea to the next.. i hope you can help 
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Robin Sharma

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Claiming you can't have an impact given your conditions is giving away your power to impact those conditions.
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Yes,  What a inspiring thought..
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Robin Sharma

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20 New Rules for The New Year
By Robin Sharma

I'm on fire to help you make 2015 the year you breathe reality into your most beautiful dreams. Let us accept nothing less. 

I suggest we start our work together this year with a simple idea: if you run the rules most people run, you'll get the results most people receive. 

To make a right-angle turn so that 2015 is 100x better than 2014, I encourage you to set some new rules to govern your life by. Here are 20 to consider and then implement over January: 

#1. Generosity beats scarcity in every situation. 

#2. If you're the most successful person in the room, find a new room. 

#3. If you're not up early, you're sleeping too late. 

#4. Epic performance has more to do with saying no than saying yes. 

#5. Commit to becoming the undisputed heavyweight champion of your craft. 

#6. Get fit so you can serve more people. 

#7. Impact is a better measure of success than income. 

#8. A failure only becomes a failure if you let it become a failure. 

#9. Your job is to see the greatness in people who have yet to own the greatness within themselves. 

#10. Don't wait to be inspired to start your dream. Start your dream to grow inspired. 

Read the rest of the rules here:

Oh--and please remember, the way you start 2015 profoundly influences the way you'll end it so definitely kick it into HIGH gear right now. 

Resource: I've meticulously built out a 4-part video training series that walks you through how to make this New Year the single best year of your life. 

It's free and packed with useful ideas. The first video will be released next week. To be notified when this video is available, please go here: 

With appreciation and respect,

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Thanks Robin
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Robin Sharma

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In just 6 hours, I'm closing doors to Extreme Achievement Formula (EAF), my famous online productivity and peak performance course that has transformed the lives of so many people across the globe.

All remaining memberships will soon be gone. Sorry--I wish everyone could get in...

Get one of the LAST memberships here:

...If you act immediately you'll be one of the lucky few to get one of the LAST memberships into this life-changing program.

...And you'll receive the 6 video modules, 10 audio modules, the hyperproductivity sessions and over $6500 in awesome bonus gifts. You'll get a complete and powerful system to 10X your achievement and results.

Extreme Achievement Formula also comes with a powerful guarantee: LOVE it and experience breakthroughs you've never experienced within 30 days or you get your money back--no questions asked.

So you have nothing to lose and the life you've always wanted to live to gain.

Go ahead and snap up one of the final memberships now before you miss this opportunity

I'm excited to see you on the inside of the course. Let's get started in making you an extreme achiever who produces epic results.

Much respect and every great wish,

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Robin Sharma

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Good am from San Francisco. So happy so many of you have joined The 5 am Club and are running my 20/20/20 Formula with such awesome results.

Hope this helps also:

10 Things to Do at 5 am

#1. Write a gratitude letter to yourself for who you've become and the difference your presence in the world makes for us.
#2. Recite your hero phrases and the statements that remind you what to focus on today.
#3. Skip for 5 minutes, run for 5 minutes, do pushups for 5 minutes and do planks for 5 minutes (cycles).
#4. Hydrate with lemon infused water to toxify and refuel.
#5. Meditate and visualize (peak performance tool).
#6. Write thank you notes to your icons.
#7. Plan your day on a 3X5 card.
#8. Read a powerful book or start an online course.
#9. Listen to music that kickstarts your inspiration and reminds you of your awesomeness.
#10. Thank life for the blessing of the next 24 hours.

Make today great.
Robin Sharma
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awesome sir
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Robin Sharma

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Today I’m sending you the second video from my new free training series:

If you study it, you'll discover one of the primary elements of my extreme achievement formula that has helped the best 10X their results.

I also explain the core thinking patterns I've personally installed to get huge goals done.

Here is the link:

Watch this video and if you like the information, share it with your friends and family.

To your success.
In this extremely potent FREE training video, leadership and elite performance expert Robin Sharma walks you through the game-changing practices the best of the best use for extreme achievement…
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Havent you posted this video before. Still nice to watch it again. Thanks. 
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Robin Sharma

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Even the longest life is a pretty short ride. So why focus on things that will amount to nothing at the end?
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Love this
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Robin Sharma

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You're built to astonish. Designed to wow. Remember the call on your life this day.
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Thanks Robin, your messages are very inspiring. 
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Leadership Expert & International Bestselling Author
Basic Information
Author of "The Leader Who Had No Title". Social entrepreneur. Dedicating my professional life to helping people in businesses around the world Lead Without a Title and do their best work.

Robin Sharma is the celebrated author of 15 bestselling books on leadership, including The Leader Who Had No Title (Simon & Schuster), one of the bestselling business books on the market today. His work has been published in over 62 countries and nearly 75 languages, making him one of the most widely read authors in the world. He shot to fame with "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" (HarperCollins) which has topped international bestseller lists and sold over 4,000,000 copies. Celebrity CEOs, rock stars, top entrepreneurs and royalty have all embraced his work. As well as being a much sought-after speaker globally, Robin is also a widely respected CEO advisor having worked with Fortune 500 CEOs and leaders all over the world.

Robin is the founder of Sharma Leadership International Inc., a training firm with only one focus: helping people in organizations Lead Without a Title. Clients include many of the Fortune 500 including Microsoft, GE, Nike, FedEx, and IBM. Organizations such as NASA, Yale University and The Young Presidents Organization are also SLI clients. In a recent independent survey of 22,000 business people Robin was ranked in the Top 5 leadership experts (source: He frequently shares the stage with Jack Welch, Jeffery Immelt, and thought leaders such as Bill Clinton. Robin is profiled regularly on leading international media such as CNN, MSNBC, BNN and the Biography Channel. is one of the most popular resources on the Internet for leadership content, and offers Robin’s blog, robinsharmaTV, along with his acclaimed e-Newsletter: The Robin Sharma Report.

•    Robin’s latest book The Leader Who Had No Title (Simon & Schuster) is a runaway business bestseller and was the #1 business book at Click here for more on the book

•    Robin is known as a ‘leader to leaders’ and has become one of the most trusted advisors in the world on leadership. Robin holds 2 law degrees including a Masters of Law and has had a distinguished career as a litigation lawyer. Many CEOs and senior executives of the Fortune 500 and other organizations turn to him for advice and counsel on leadership, change management and high performance in business.  Robin is known for his dynamic, results-oriented, inspiring and hugely practical presentations that lead to measurable results.

•    In his keynotes and seminars, Robin blends a powerful delivery style with a gift for storytelling and connecting with audiences in a way that moves them to action.  His sessions are high in content that your people can use immediately for greater success and effectiveness.

•    Robin is also the driving force behind The Robin Sharma Foundation for ChildrenTM, a non-profit organization that helps children in need become leaders.

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