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william foster

i'm moving account because i was roleplaying and now google wont let my change name back ... bye
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Hi everyone, I've been trying trying to get my 1.8amp stepper motors working good, however it seems i have blown a few black edition A4988's. my question is should i try buying more of those or should i buy some DRV8825 clones?

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the truth has been spoken 
Let's be realistic! Here's the things most sales dudes aren't going to tell you.

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just curious what number of steps everyone is using these days. 
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200 step
400 step
200 step

can someone point me in the right direction,
I've been searching for hours trying to find a version of marlin  for a delta printer using ramps 1.4 also i am not using a LCD just printing directly from a computer. sorry if this is a dumb question, but i really am having a hard time finding it.  
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