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Matthew Hall
2 months ago
I was a bit concerned at first about North Korea upping its capacity to make nuclear bombs, and it seems to have quite a low reputation at the moment. But the staff really proved me wrong - very helpful and friendly. Tour felt a bit dragged out but it was nice to see first-hand the weapons that will bring the West to its knees. I'd have to give it 8/10 overall. Well worth a visit if you're in the area.
G Borch's profile photo
G Borch
2 months ago
uhhh excuse me can we just bomb this place. Something stinks here
Avani Maan's profile photo
Avani Maan
2 years ago
I have to say I was skeptical at first; I thought this was going to be just like every other Nuclear research center I have been dragged along to on vacation... but I couldn't have been more wrong - I had a BLAST!! We were given a truly authentic experience. At the facility gates we were met with a welcoming party complete with sirens, armed guards and helicopters. For a moment it was so real we felt like we were intruding! The language barrier proved a little troubling at first, but after we consulted our phrasebook (North Korea for Dummies is a MUST), we were on our way. The facility itself was great, very modern but with a distinctive Korean feel. My only qualms were with the meals at the canteen (which felt like they had been microwaved for too long) and the lack of a decent gift store. Also there was no cellphone coverage or free WiFi so I couldn't #instagram the experience. Overall 10/10
• • •
Robert Giles
2 years ago
It was very difficult to find this place, but once I got there, I really cannot understate the amazing time I had! The only slight drawback was that there was a rather pudgy young man with a funny haircut who seemed to make all of the workers feel very on-edge.
Pieter Chevalier's profile photo
Pieter Chevalier
2 months ago
their food was great services was excellent heart north korea
Jodie Stokes's profile photo
Jodie Stokes
2 years ago
Wasn't really sure if I was going to do this tour or not, I mean it's sooo touristy. I was amazed, however, by how surprisingly open and hospitable the North Korean nuclear techs were. Employees took turns posing with me in front of large bombs; I even got sign one of the smaller missiles. Such a memorable experience. They even gave me free samples to take home! Highly recommend.
Jonathan Wilk
2 years ago
While in Pyongyang, our local hotel had a few pamphlets on the sites to visit in North Korea. While there was a slight language barrier, we were to believe we were heading to a Nuclear Research Facility. We were very excited to meet many of the world's best scientists in one of the leading academic countries, according to the Great Leader. However, on arrival, all we found were hundreds upon hundreds of military service members armed to the teeth. They were very polite in the way they forced us through, unlike the KGB, who blindfold you and use chloroform. Again, when entering the facility, we hoped to see the latest and greatest in nuclear energy and only found dozens of long-range missiles with "Death to America" written on them (sarcasm crosses all culture barriers!). Turns out, we misspoke to our hotel guide and in reality, we were sent to a WMD Facility. After taking that into consideration, we have no choice but to highly recommend this place!
• • •
Micah Wilson's profile photo
Micah Wilson
3 months ago
they gave me a nuclear reactor and it was signed