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The federal org approved protocols for a study of cannabis’ and PTSD.
The federal org approved protocols for a study of cannabis’ and PTSD.
You've got to frolic in the fathomless depths of the bowels of ignorance to come up with some deep smartass euphoria to celebrate "fiscal conservative" distopia about such gratuitously fake predatory presidents.  
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It's been 'opposite' day in the USA - for a very long time!

You must not hail from Phildelphia!  The town crier was quite clear.
Mind altering substances taken responsibly under guidance are ok. I would like to add that the ancient practice of meditation can alter and expand the mind as well and, in my opinion, reach further than mind altering substances. The higher endocrine glands of our human body emits secretions which can be utilized properly only after learning to gain control and expansion of ones psyche - something eminently possible with regular and sincere meditation practice. Those hormonal secretions are comparable with the mind altering substances mentioned in the talk.
George Orwell warned us decades ago, now we're living in it -- loss of rights, ubiquitous surveillance, perpetual war, designs on genocide -- primarily because we haven't retained our wisdom, or  his lessons.  We have solutions, are you aware of them, yet?
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Optimize your kids' immune system through natural choices in food, fitness, environment, and living.
Tomorrow’s News Today: The GOP on “How We Lost the House” - This is a leaked copy of a secret memo [from the future] written by the Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, dated Nov. 10, 2014.
In today’s rush we all think too much - seek too much - want too much - and forget about the joy of just being -Eckhart Tolle

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Reminds me of a chastity belt, eh.  
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After centuries of psychic, social, and intellectual entrapment by religious predators constipating human evolution in favor of raucous parasitism of religious imperialism, liberation through factuality, material science, and democratic expression and disposition gained prominence around the planet.
Deep Thoughts, Deserving of Further Pondering.  

Are we Americans so pro-passive, entertainment and avarice drunken that the most common of common sense ethical concerns just pass us by?  

I have total confidence we can discover and explore fortuitous answers here:
PROUT is based on economic decentralisation, social equity, bioregional integration, cultural empowerment, planetary polity, bio-equality, & spiritual-humanism.
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ALL of the policies of the Federal government for at least the last 12 y...

This applies to BOTH parties. Major Policies Corporate Welfare The continuation of the spending of over $1.3tn a year on Corporate Welfare.