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Sean McGuire
I'm a writer without a hometown.
I'm a writer without a hometown.

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After a long and laborious battle, Kindle Store has taken my novel at last. Now the real battle starts. Arman vs. The Nameless One. Arman vs. Himself. That's only scratching the surface.

Mindless, quixotic ranting from the blog. You know you want to read it.

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Ladies and gentlemen, after four years of toil and trouble, I have published The Kingdom: The Quest.

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When I wasn't writing The Kingdom: The Quest this summer, I was writing this. You can download it for free. Or you can ignore it.

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You might not think about your muse the same way after reading this.
If you're a writer, check out this week's post:

What's the most difficult scene you've ever written? What made it so hard? Personally, I've struggled with the emotionally draining scenes and the tweaking-to-death scenes, but this past week, I ran into a new challenge when my muse and my character decided to torture me. :)

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Thanks for the intel. Can anyone confirm this?
Don't count on Google+ as an archive

Unless this is a glitch that I have just noticed, Google Plus only stores 6 weeks worth of posts in your history. Even using the Data Liberation function to export only goes back until July 15th for me. I started much earlier than that and I wrote quite a bit of material over the early weeks here. Unfortunately, all of my posts from that period are gone :(

This has now taught me to do manual backups of anything I write online.
Maybe I'll start a blog and use that instead.

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The difference between an optimist and a pessimist?
A pessimist says "things couldn't get any worse!"
An optimist says "yes they can!"

- The West Wing

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I wrote a short story, and I don't have the heart to pick a cover. Vote on your favorite cover, and you could win a $10 Amazon gift card. No, I am not a spambot.

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