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An Enginerd in the making.
An Enginerd in the making.

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I'm still kinda annoyed that they're taking away my tiger and turtle 
Google's recent emoji redesign is starting to become a social movement. And it's pretty damn hilarious! I bet Google didn't expect this to happen.

"Congrats to Google for making their new emoji set look like bootleg Apple emojis. RIP good emoji design!"

"I honestly do not know if I will ever get over this. Haven't seen a downgrade this severe from a corporation this big in a while."


Google’s blob emoji are great and no one will convince me otherwise:

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Engage the "it's happening" gifs 

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Telegram keeps cranking out the features. I love it. 
We're using Slack and +Telegram App for team #io17 communications.

It's refreshing to have chat apps that work on gasp multiple devices.
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😭 custom ROMs make my Nexus 7 actually up to date

I keep wanting to use assistant, but I'm not cool giving google my entire web browsing history to use it :/

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Kinda hacky I guess, but good for people on old versions

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Ignore the click batey title. Her story of mining is amazing. 

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Ofc USA only
Google Assistant launch on iOS seems imminent

iOS users, you may not be rocking Android, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't get the best and most power Assistant around.

#sirisucks #googleassistant

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Another calculator money grab
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