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Walt Disney Concert Hall - Tips and Tricks

When shooting a monument in city I often run into the problem that I'm too close to it to be able to put it all in one photo. If I step back then I get traffic light signs, all kind of things if my photo. If I wide angle it, the monument loose it's greatness. 

So the solution that I found is to pano the monument for example this is a 5 photos pano, each taken at 35 mm full frame calculation. That way I was able to grab the whole thing in one photo.

Then to merge it here is a free video that where show this kind of technic :

Episode 15 - Photography, Lightroom and Photoshop Tips Panos using Lightroom 4 and Photoshop CS 6

I was very happy to have this shot, waited until the city light came on, I had seen this monument in many movies and it was on my to shoot list !
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Superbe photo serge. Ca change de Paris ;) 
Profite bien de L.A et de la beauté de la Californie
Beauty! And a big thank you for sharing the technique that you used to get this picture.....
This is really a nice image. I often go downtown and can only manage bits and pieces of Disney Concert Hall...thanks for the tip and video link. Merci +Serge Ramelli 
Fine photographic work and awesome architecture
Et bien, bon retour et au plaisir de voir d'autres photos aussi belle des US :)
Beautiful shot serge! One of the best I've ever seen of the Disney Concert Hall. Très bon :)
Peggy R
Wonderful shot.. i love that you captured the lights left in the sky as well as the city lights.. thanks for sharing your technique too!
Superbe travail ! Magnifique photo ;-)
Incredible capture!  Love this!  Hope you're having a great time.
Ha!  I love it!  Well done Disney.
Great results, Love this building and your image of it. Cool technique to remember. I hate streetlights and cars and all the other crap that gets in the way of a nice clean image.
Also this is the first time I have seen a picture of the whole building, usually it looks great but it's only a small portion and I guess it's for the same reason you mention, well done again.
Lu Rose
LOL !!!!!!!!!!
Serge this is a great shot and top tip about the pano - did you use a tripod and pano head ?
yolo m
where ? 
Amazing shot bro, thanks for sharing the "How" it really inspires me how much you share with the community.
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