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Purveyor of Stories - Fiction Authorpreneur
Purveyor of Stories - Fiction Authorpreneur

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So I was walking past the faculty publications display case at work today...

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Every day, I'm tempted to join NaNoWriMo... But I know it's just going to break my fragile schedule. Could join knowing I'll lose...

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If you were waiting to get my #epicfantasy novelette until the last day of the free promotion, it's here!

So, who is the typhoon going to vote for today?
Interested to see if nature will affect the election outcome in Japan.

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Like epic fantasy? Rich world-building? A hero with something to prove?

If you've been waiting to pick up my epic fantasy novelette, Breyik the Apprentice, I'm running a special now! Get it free on kindle through Sunday. (Or procrastinate one more day and help me save for my kids' college!)

Perfect culinary day achieved: curry toast breakfast, katsu curry lunch, curry udon dinner!

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Questions about how to get started with the #MEXT Scholarship? Find your answers here!

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Just getting started with the #MEXT scholarship? Here are the first fundamentals you need to know!

I can now instantly distinguish between the earthquake warning sound and North Korea missile warning sound. Never wanted that skill.
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