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Throw Back Thursday ~ Retro Crochet Patterns
It is time for Throw Back Thursday and I thought I would share these awesome Retro Crochet patterns that I found the other day. Now I will
admit that I can't crochet. I can make chains and rectangles. Well
rectangles? I should rather say trapezoids as the...

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Working on Chuppah for a Friend
Laurali's request Supplies and preliminary design Chain mail drawn out and ready to embroider The progress of the chain mail Finished triangle

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have not gotten around to seeing the TV series Downton Abbey, though
many people have told me it was very good and today I was looking at
stuff on Amazon and saw the book Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey
and was reading the review when the conn...

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Going Green ~ Fall Felt
When the leaves on the trees start to change and a touch of fall is in the air I have the urge to felt.  When
it was time for Octobers Going Green I settled on making a sunflower
table mat and pin out of felted wool skirts and pants.  Sunflowers feel like...

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Heart Felt Pin
make a lovely red heart pin with a cream rose on it. To create the pin
cut a heart from cardboard. Use this as a pattern to cut a heart the
same size from red felted wool, this will be the backing of the pin. The
heart form cut from heavy card boar...

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Fall is in the Air
There  is a chill in the air this weekend and Fall has arrived.  Soon the trees will be putting on their autumn garb.  One lone maple tree in the local park has all ready dawned  her blaze of orange welcoming in the change of seasons.  I love when the leave...

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