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Sweet Baby
Dear Baby Bear, You are lying beside me, sleeping on your Daddy's chest. You were both so exhausted. The summer has been hot and humid and though you love the outdoors, it tires you out. As always, I just want to stare at you. You, my Baby Bear, the most pr...

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Now We Have Everything
Dear Baby Bear, At some point, Mama should probably write a note about your birth - it was quite the adventure in many unexpected ways. But right now, with your warm body in my arms, all I want to do is smell your skin and tell you how much I love you. Baby...

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An Invitation
Dear Sesame Seed, The day of your birth is drawing so close. Every single night I go to bed thinking, maybe tonight I will wake up in labor? And every morning I wake up thinking, maybe today will be your birth-day? Your Daddy and I keep on talking to you, t...

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Spring in the Air
Dear Sesame Seed, I have been doing less writing to you and more preparing for your arrival recently. Actively doing things to get ready for you is not strictly necessary, but it helps Daddy and I to get our minds in the right place. I can't wait to share a...

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From Daddy
Dear little sesame seed,  You are getting so much bigger than a sesame seed - your mommas belly is hugeamongous! Oh, by the way, this is your daddy. Your momma asked me to write a little love note to you so here it is.  I made you a little friend that I'm s...

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Growing Joys
Dear Sesame Seed, My are you growing! You must be gaining an ounce a minute, because all I can do is eat, eat, eat and I still feel hungry in between bites. Today, you got your first (I think) taste of a snickers bar. I hope the heavenly sweet gooiness made...

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Dear Mama
Dear Ryvr, soon to be Mama, Sesame Seed, I hope you'll forgive me, but this is not going to be a letter to you. Instead, I am writing a letter to myself. Your birth is coming closer every day. I am 6.5 months pregnant, and time is moving quickly. You will b...

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Strong Enough
Dear Sesame Seed, I guess we are back for another of our middle of the night writing sessions. As you grow bigger, it becomes harder for me to adjust and find comfortable positions for my body. It is miraculous and incredible to watch you grow, to feel you ...

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Dear Sesame Seed, Oh, I can't wait to hold you and play with you! You have been so cute recently. I think you respond to touch on my belly, when I hold my hand there for long enough you start to kick. And you always make me laugh. I invented a new word - ki...

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My Little Acrobat
Dear Sesame Seed, Wow, have you been active! You put your Mama to shame with how much activity you manage in that little gym you set up in my belly. I am so glad of it, too. I love feeling you kick and tumble, reminding me you are there. You have some kind ...
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