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Scott J. Sumner graduated from Michigan State University (Go Spartans) in 1986 with a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management and a Juris Doctorate degree from Michigan State University College of Law 1989.
Scott J. Sumner graduated from Michigan State University (Go Spartans) in 1986 with a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management and a Juris Doctorate degree from Michigan State University College of Law 1989.

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You have arrived at your next marriage a little bit older and (hopefully) a little bit wiser. Marriages and blended families present their own issues when it comes to estate planning. You would like to take care of your spouse and your children, but letting them work it out after you are gone is a recipe for disaster. Once you have been through a divorce, you understand that "happily ever after" isn't always. Fortunately, estate planning that takes into account your unique family situation can alleviate most of your concerns, allowing you to freely pursue your next chance at happily ever after.
The biggest concern in second marriages is ensuring that each spouse's share of the estate ultimately ends up with his or her desired beneficiary. That is, if each spouse has children from other relationships, those children's inheritance is protected even if their parent is the first spouse to die. Traditional estate planning distributes an estate to the spouse and then the children. But, after the first spouse dies, the surviving spouse can easily amend the documents to disinherit whomever he or she chooses.
Have a plan or plan to fail. Call for your consultation today.
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Another Award For Sumner & Associates, P.C.

We are thrilled to announce you have been chosen as one of the few selected ARAG Network Attorneys to receive our Elite Service Award! We recently received the survey results from one of the members you assisted and not only were you rated a 10 (the highest ranking available), but the member also nominated you to be an Elite Service Provider.

Very few our Network Attorneys have been given this recognition. Again, thank you for the fantastic service you provide our members! We are pleased to be able to partner with you and have you on the Network.


ARAG. Legal Insurance
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Employment Law
“Have you ever been convicted of a crime, either a misdemeanor or felony?” If yes, describe in detail
“Do you currently have any pending charges against you?” If yes, describe in detail.

We have all seen these questions on job applications. For some people, the answer is a simple “NO” or “N/A “and it’s on to the next question. For others, these questions might be the reason you aren’t getting calls for interviews or receiving job offers.
So what can you do?

Read carefully to determine exactly what information the question is asking about. The question may only require you to disclose felony convictions, so you do not have to include any misdemeanor convictions. In some instances, employers are only looking for recent convictions. If the questions ask about convictions in the last 5 years and you were convicted 10 years ago, you do not need to include this information.
Be honest. Most employers will conduct routine background checks on potential employees, even if they answer “No” to criminal history questions. If you are not completely honest or lie about anything, they will find out. Lying could hurt your chances of getting the job even more than anything that is discovered on your criminal record.
Get a copy of your criminal history. You should know exactly what your record looks like, exactly what your convictions were for, and how old they are. Most likely your employer will obtain and keep a copy of your criminal record, so you should have this information too.
Get your record Expunged. Certain criminal convictions can be “expunged” or removed from your record so that employers can no longer see them when doing a background check. To determine if your criminal conviction is eligible, refer to our blog post “Expunging (Setting Aside) a Conviction from your Criminal Record in Michigan”.
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Awarded 10 Best Client Satisfaction of DUI/DWI Attorneys.

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The fondest memories are made when gathered around a fireplace.
A home with character, style, charm and a backyard big enough to host a summer block party. Nestled within great oak trees and close to the finest cultural events, schools, shopping, and restaurants the Rochester area has to offer, this home will provide fond memories to last a lifetime.
3 bedrooms
2.25 bathrooms
2 car attached garage
Renovated 2015
Don't miss the OPEN HOUSE this Sunday:
August 16th from 1:00 to 4:00PM
1881 Walton Blvd., Rochester Hills, Michigan

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A home searching for a family.  

A perfect location that allows for breathable space in the city.  Every   #Rochester  & #RochesterHills  amenity in close proximity.   

For a private showing please contact Thrift Realty, a division of Sumner & Associates, P.C.

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Rules & Laws Explained 
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