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Sarah Ayers
Somehow prone to the Dickensian smear.
Somehow prone to the Dickensian smear.

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It's not fair.
The weather that is. We had a Winter that would not go away, a topsy turvy summer and now a chilly Fall?!? IT'S NOT FAIR! This weather has made me quite rebellious. So rebellious that I've been wearing some of my hand knit sweaters this past week (which I n...

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I bought a sheep...sort of
Yes, I went to the Twist Fibre Festival in Saint-André-Avellin last weekend. It may seem strange but this was actually my first time at such an event. Maybe that's weird considering how relatively close Montreal is to some of the major ones? I never really ...

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Recent Acquisitions
Somehow in the past few weeks, without much intention to, my fibre and yarn stashes have grown somewhat. Since I currently work as a yarn shop girl, it is an occupational hazard for some yarn & fabric to follow me home, I've been very good about it (for the...

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Hooked on crochet
I suppose it was inevitable. Especially with how taken I've been with crochet lately. And I blame a project I've been working on at Effiloché, but this week I've been really taken with this crochet doily I've been working on. Considering how much I love wor...

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Not Another Laceweight
Hey, so I guess I forgot to talk about this yarn I made? I think I mentioned it over here but never elaborated huh? Well I followed the advice I'd read in The Intentional Spinner about changing wheel ratios & using a higher tension to effectively change yar...

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My Brindle Pony
Yesterday while I was at work, I decided to crochet a pony. This isn't such a crazy whim to follow through on since I'm currently working at a yarn & fabric store here in Montreal and Sunday afternoons aren't so busy. I had just finished making some crochet...

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The Secret Language of Hexagons
Once in a while, there's something in a movie or TV show which will catch my eye. I secretly love when crafting is referenced in pop culture, even in jest. Heck, I even get excited when really nice handmades gets used as set dressing or costumes ( Juno had ...

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Woolen Spun
Back in March, I caught the spinning bug again after reading winter issue of Ply magazine . Now there was a LOT of that farm fleece to go through, and as this was a rather grimy fleece, I didn't quite get through scouring it all. That's ok. I have enough pr...

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And another thing
In the last few years, the infrequent things I've posted have mostly been finished things. Or at least I intended to post them. There's been a lot of catch up. While my making of things hasn't waned over the years, my reporting of them has. Which makes me r...
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