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Stephen Quatrano
Entrepreneur, engineer, strategist, planner, consultant, and teacher with a compulsion to integrate, unify, synthesize...
Entrepreneur, engineer, strategist, planner, consultant, and teacher with a compulsion to integrate, unify, synthesize...

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Our Trip and Arrival in Siena (by Doreen)
Siena, February 10th (#21) Averting one pseudo-disaster and fatigue....we entered the grand Cathedral of Siena which we now call "home".... We only had one “almost fiasco” on our way here. Through Steve’s quick use of the public telephone (since we got rid ...

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The COOP (by Sarah)
SIENA, February 7th (#20) So, today was the big day for none other than grocery shopping! We walked all the way to the Giallombardo’s house (30 minutes with a 10 minute stop for hot chocolate and coffee). We got to their house and then piled into their car ...

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Il Primero Giorno di Mia Scuola Nuova (by Alex)
SIENA, February 10th The first day of school was great. The kids were really nice, curious, and not too intimidating. First, my whole family walked about 5 minutes to get to my school. Angelo Giallombardo met us in the main hallway. He was our inside connec...

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The Forgotten Bag (by Alex)
BOSTON, February 4th In the airport today, a very funny thing happened, funny in my eyes, but not in anyone else’s. You can be the judge when you finish reading. Sarah was bringing bags downstairs that were going to be put in the cab. She couldn't carry one...

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Our first Day in the Apartment (by Sarah)
SIENA, February 6th WELL NOW! My first real story is finally here! Who wants to know what I’ve been up to?!?! Italy is amazing – we got here, we are living in our apartment, hanging out with friends, and loving every minute of it! Read more… We are living i...

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Living in Siena is Going to Be Exhausting (by Alex)
SIENA, February 10th Today, I have done more work than I ever could have expected. I assumed that carrying around 20 bags would be difficult, but I did not know that we had to climb 5 cases of stairs to get to the apartment. From just walking up all the sta...

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02138: The World's Most Opinionated ZIP Code (by Shari)
CAMBRIDGE, February 20th Oggi Davin Paley, mio figlio, ha incominciato ad organizzare i suoi compagni di scuola in una protesta control l'aministrazione.  Oggi, Davin va a uno tavolo con amici del aula altro.  Il suo Principal Tim dice: ogni aula a suo prop...

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Update: We Have Arrived (by Steve)
SIENA, February 8th, 2004 We are here!  The house is wonderful.  The Giallombardo-Ducci family is also great.  As usual, they have been very helpful.  Without their help, we could not be doing this. Antonio says that without their help, it would be a 'bel c...

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Not quite ready... (by Alex)
LEXINGTON, Jan 29th, 2004 I have a lot to do, ""a lot"" might be an understatement...My parents are telling me to do all of this stuff, and i'm just too busy to do it all.  I'm sure that in the end everybody will be finished with everything, and I'm going t...

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Rehosting Posts from our Italy 04 Experience Here
I'm in the process of moving all of the content from our Italy 04 website here at Blogger. It's interesting to reexamine old posts. Photos are to follow soon.
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