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Justine Hughes
Teacher and lifelong learner who is passionate about student and teacher learning to provide exciting opportunities using 21st Century tools and pedagogy.
Teacher and lifelong learner who is passionate about student and teacher learning to provide exciting opportunities using 21st Century tools and pedagogy.

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My Learning Space...well, one of them...
This year brings some new challenges for me.  Last year I thought I had everything organised - ducks in a row and all that.  I was a Deputy Principal but ended up as Acting Principal for the best part of Term 1 - we have a 4 Term year in New Zealand.  The p...

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Edublogs Club 1: My Blog Story
Hi everyone! I'm based in Auckland, New Zealand and it's supposed to be coming into our beautiful summertime.  Currently, it's grey, drizzling and anything but summertime!  I've been teaching for 18 years and last year left my position as a Deputy (Assistan...

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The New Zealand Curriculum - is it time for a discussion?
History and Reflection On November 6 2007 , the New Zealand launched the New Zealand Curriculum (Revised).  Reading back over the press release a few days ago brought back memories of the excitement and, yes, reservations, we had about yet another change in...

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The Learning Journey So Far and What's Next...
The last nine blog posts have been about my learning through The MindLab over the past 32 weeks or so (a little bit longer for me as some health issues interrupted my usual full steam ahead approach!) This last post in the series requires us to reflect on o...

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Cultural Responsiveness in Practice
Throughout my teaching career I have always worked hard to create individualised programmes that centre around student interests.  In my second year of teaching in 2000 my Year 3 class and I used the old curriculum documents to plan an integrated inquiry wi...

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What's Happening in Education? A look at some of the issues and trends locally and globally
There are many issues and trends in education today and many are not unique to New Zealand.  This post looks at two of the local and global issues that stand out for me at the moment and that have an impact on my practice. LOCAL ISSUES IN EDUCATION IN NEW Z...

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Social Media as a Learning Tool
SOCIAL MEDIA - KEY FEATURES AND BENEFITS FOR LEARNING AND TEACHING Interactive Collaborative Challenging views Local and global connections Real time and real world learning and connections Removing the classroom walls Powerful opportunities for feedback Th...

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Getting Carried Away on Social Media
Code of Ethics for Certificated Teachers - It's Our Responsibility During our careers we will be faced with many ethical dilemmas.  As social media begins to play an even more important and powerful role in many of our lives - usually in a positive way for ...

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Connecting to Your PLN for Powerful Reflective Practice
CONNECT FOR POWERFUL REFLECTIVE PRACTICE I have been interested for many years in the power of connecting with others to improve your practice and this was a strong theme that ran through many of our blog challenges during various Reflective Teacher @TeachT...

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Are We Failing Our Gifted and Talented Learners...and Teachers
Gifted and Talented education has long been a passion of mine but over the past few years I've become more and more concerned about how we are catering - or not as the case may be - to their diverse individual needs due to a range of factors. Since the impl...
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