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Ziesel Miriam Rahimi
Your token hippie feminist vegan Orthodox Jew
Your token hippie feminist vegan Orthodox Jew

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Googled myself just for kicks, and was a bit frightened. I used to find my published high school debate and speech success records and funky things like that. Now it's just sites (which I have never visited so much as joined) hawking my 'best-of' tweets, making communications between myself and my friends very visible (at least, to anyone who feels compelled to google my name).

Man, seems like none of my flatmates are going to be home this weekend. It's just as well, since I'm bringing about as many guests as we have beds.

Almost a year after an electric fire fried my adapter and forced me to mooch my roommates' computers, a friend brought me a replacement and my own is back in commission!

Made a seriously successful vegetable soup.

One of my girls bought me a popsicle with my own money.

Introducing my mom to 'How I Met Your Mother' led to a detailing of how she met my father.

Harry Potter is such a lie. Any real kid with those formative years would have debilitating trust issues, serious behavioral problems, and most likely troublesome disrespect for authority figures as well as a developmental disorder or two. Just saying.

Totally floundering as to whether I want to advance to officers' school or not. I really want to, but I also really want to stay at the youth village with my girls. Also need to figure out how signing more time will impact my future...

Sandwich toasters are incredibly useful and convenient, and I don't understand why they don't really exist in America (seems perfect for the I WANT IT NOW mentality, same thing goes for electric kettles). I use mine to cook everything now.

My position in the IDF is essentially that of a glorified babysitter for 13 teenage MONSTERS.
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