I'm going to do something out of my comfort zone, and potentially catastrophic.
I've had an idea bouncing around my head for the past couple of weeks for a game system, and started taking some notes. Pages started to fill up, and I came to the conclusion that it could be something good. I've done some game system development before, so I do have experience in the process. More and more details started to emerge, and I'm now at a point where I can do some trial and error tests.
Now comes the point of this post. I'd like to document everything I've done so far, all the way up to (hopefully) publication. I'll start small - creating a small blog and posting what I accomplish as the days progress - as well as post links here in this community. And as loathe as I am to do it, I'll probably have to break down and get a freakin' Facebook account (I hate myself already).
I'm not an active poster and mostly stay silent on social media, so this will be very different. Add that I will be very open and transparent throughout the creative process, and that puts me in an uncomfortable spotlight. So why would I want to do this? For the very same reasons I gave for not wanting to do this.
Yeah, doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but it does to me.
So I hope ya'll will join me on this journey, and see what develops. At the very least, it will be fun to watch as I crash and burn. ;)
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