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"Exploring Young minds through Robotics."
"Exploring Young minds through Robotics."

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I made excuses for a long time and honestly it was just me saying I am not ready yet. Have faith in yourself because you can do anything if you put your mind to it.


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For me Plan A never works but I have to get through it to get to my best plan. My Heavenly Fathers Plan.


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Just had to post this wonderful example.

Kristi Y. started just like most people. She gave the Isagenix products a try just for a month. She was very skeptical at first but as she says her body started to Transform. She then went on to compete in fitness competitions and was recently recognized as our 186th Isagenix Millionaire ~

Now that amazing!!


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If your feeling like you can't like your health is down.

Your tired and you have lack of energy!
You are not at the weight you would like to be.
Your workout is not what you want it to be at because you lack energy.
You are having trouble recovering after your work out because of age issues.

or like in my situation

You lost your job because you worked for a company in the Oil and gas Industry and your just tired of dealing with the oil and gas peaks and troughs.

Your income is just not getting you and your family needs taken care of after paying bills.

First of all, never give up!

We got this!
Message me. I want to help you. I need to help you.


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Overhead Costs You Money
Imagine owning a business where you have to pay rent, wages, utilities and more on the days that you are CLOSED!!!!! There is a better way! My friend Scott nails it in this video.

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"As the years past, we tend to get enveloped in a body that we isn't really us. It takes real Nutritional Hammer and Chisel to see who we really are what we can be again."

Let me know if you need a real Hammer and Chisel to become the real you again.


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This is the story on WHY Nutritional Cleansing is SO IMPORTANT‼️

✅ It has the ability to remove up to 46% of the deadly toxins in your body.

✅ It helps clean your blood, but also allows your body to purge toxins from your fat cells...where the dangerous ones are.

✅ It is NOT a diet or just some protein shake; it is a complete health transformation program.

✅ It fixes vitamin and mineral deficiencies by flooding the body with nutrition.

✅ It makes up for what we are lacking. One bowl of spinach 30 years would have to eat 43 bowls today to get the same nutrition. This is true for all our food.

✅ It can address lifelong toxin build up. By the age of 5, you have half the toxins that will be with you your entire life and many your body will never be able to remove.

✅ Each shake is like sitting down and having 30 fruits and vegetables. Power packed with over 242 different nutrients.

✅ It actually promotes an alkaline diet in the most easy and convenient way possible. Achieving alkalinity through whole foods isn't easy...or cheap.

✅ There is not one shake company that even compares to the quality and nutrition of our cleanse.

✅ Weight loss is a side effect IF your body needs it. Remember there is such a thing as "skinny fat." It's actually the most dangerous kind.
What's your health worth to you?

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I went from an uneducated SKEPTIC

then onto SHARING an helping others.
Now I buy whatever I want from this amazing ONLINE GROCERY STORE, it gets delivered to my door and they PAY ME to SHARE the products with others.

3 philosophies from Jim Rhone

1-Work full-time on your job, and Partime on your fortune.
Keep your job but start working partime your fortune!

2-A formal education will make you a living, and a self education will make you a fortune.
Be a lifelong learner. its self-education that will grow your fortune!

3- Profits are better than wages.
Get out of the wage system and start getting the profits!


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Things get tough but the transformation is rewarding. i am enjoying this new way of life, nourishing my body properly and helping others.

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