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Continuing education is so easy today.

It's never too early to think about the new year so here's how I'm starting off 2014.

Have you tried Coursera yet? How was your experience been? Mine has been great so far! #moocs
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Kelly Hungerford

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Love this. Thanks +Peg Fitzpatrick! So true, we all need to fall in love with ourselves a little more often. 
15 Ways to Fall in Love With Yourself

“I love myself.” That sounds a bit silly (and I doubt anyone would ever say it out loud), but self-love isn’t reserved for the egomaniacs of the world. Finding the confidence to succeed (or even the courage to start) is very difficult if you don’t love yourself. 

If you’re ready to swoon your hot self, keep on reading."

• Stop beating yourself up
You know you do this.

• Accept your flaws!

• Stop comparing yourself to others

• Be in the moment

Have you ever struggled with having a positive self-image and have found solutions that helped? What did the trick for you?

Do yourself a solid and work on YOU a little bit. You're worth it!

Full read on +Lifehack

Pin it for later:

_Photo credit: +Thomas Hawk _ #HolyKaw   #positivethinking   #f  
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How does your brand connect with its most loyal advocates? I'd love to swap experiences! 
Here's my latest posts on what we're doing at #brand #advocacy 
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Thanks Kelly. Yes it does. I appreciate it! Have a great 1st half of September
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Kelly Hungerford

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Come follow me through the Bernese Oberland! I pulled this album together for my friend +Carrie Morgan , and thought you might enjoy one visiting one of Switzerland's most beautiful areas, too.

Chuck-full of picture-perfect green pastures, 100 meter waterfalls and hearty mountain cabins to spend a's the perfect weekend get-away.  
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It's content and a cause worth sharing! 

CureCancerStarter is launching today - it's the first crowdfunded cancer research platform of its kind. The story behind this platform is as amazing as the man who started it. 

I'd love if you would take a few minutes to read this post and support my friend +Martin W. Smith  and 

#crowdfunding   #crowdinvesting   #cancerresearch   #cancertreatment Is Launching Today - Marty's Thank You Note
Here is what I just wrote on our blog. Blog is acting a little strange probably due to our moving the site LIVE:

Marty's Thank You Note
Last night I wrote there are days when you know, beyond any doubt, your life will change in predictable and unpredictable ways. Graduations, births, diagnosis are such days. Today is one of those days too as we launch out into the world.

You can read about how I got the idea for and what makes us different in FAQ With Marty ( ) assuming our blog stays LIVE during transition (it may not).

We never reach such momentous events in our lives without an army of people helping. Some helpers like my mother, father, brother and sister I know. Teams at +UNC Lineberger  and the +Duke Cancer Institute have saved my life. Teams at +Roswell Park  and the +UW Carbone Cancer Center  have put in long hours to help create this dream, a dream of #crowdfunding cancer research.

There in the crowd is the hidden army, the It's A Wonderful Life idea. Our lives always touch and are touched by more than we know, fully realize or can appreciate.

I'm here thanks to the kindness of strangers. I've bet my life savings and a substantial grant from +Atlantic BT and something even more valuable to a cancer survivor than money - my TIME - to marshal this army of FOMs (Friends of Martin), Cure Cancer Buzz Teamers ( ) and the vast secret army whose help is substantial, solid and appreciated even if not always clearly visible.

After sixty days of riding a bicycle 3,300 miles during Martin's Ride To Cure Cancer we saw the ocean and a large BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) was struck from my bucket list. Today feels like we've arrived in Colorado.

Colorado is where Martin's Ride RUBBER met ROAD, where everything we ARE or ever WILL BE was tested. When we reached Colorado I rode with my sister Caroline in a land so beautiful and challenging everything seemed right, true and real. feels right, true and real too.

Creating a view behind the #cancerresearch curtain is fascinating, wonderful and empowering. POWER is something every cancer patient understands perhaps better than anyone.

When I was diagnosed power felt stolen and my life force dimmed. Cancer was driving my life suddenly and in directions that only the Big C could understand. If I could have visited that day, the day I heard "cancer" and my name in the same sentence, the news may have felt a little less devastating.

When a doctor tells you about your fate you feel like an iron curtain comes down isolating you from every other human, isolating you from family and friends. You are never more alone than in that moment. says  NO CANCER PATIENT is ever alone.

There are 14M people living with cancer in America and millions more throughout the world. Far from being alone, we cancer patients, survivors and our friends and family learn we are part of a special TRIBE, a tribe with an instant kinship, an exclusive club whose membership I wouldn't wish on anyone even as I cherish my cancer journey.

I am HERE writing this because of HEROES you are about to meet.

We are HERE about to change the world because you are HEROES too. Heroes who insist on life's grandeur, meaning and calm. I'm a better person for having cancer even as I am sad it took such a punch to get me here.

The Buddhist monk Pema Chodron taught me to be easier on myself because accepting flaws, imperfections and mistakes is where LOVE lives. Cancer helped me give up the tyranny of perfection and learn to SURF my life more than make demands from it. is a BIG WAVE we will surf together, a wave sure to help change how we think about curing cancer and so CHANGE THE WORLD.

Thanks for my life,


Martin Smith
Marketing Director
Atlantic BT
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Kelly Hungerford

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Kelly Hungerford

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Nice list of things SF natives love to hate. Sad, but true :)
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Kelly Hungerford

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Indeed a powerful pair: e-book download and bonus Hangout on May 16th with  +Jason Falls and +Hunter Boyle 
Check out "Email + Social: The Powerful Pair" - new free ebook from +Jason Falls  and our +Hunter Boyle! And join us for a live Hangout on Thursday 5/16 from 2-3pm EST on this topic. 
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Kelly Hungerford

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I want to be a member, too! Sign me up with you, +Kyle Akerman 
How do I join the Super Happy Fun Club?
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Customer-centric marketer
    Marketing and Communications, 2011 - present
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Pully, Switzerland
Munich, Germany - Frankfurt, Germany - San Francisco, California - Sao Paulo, Brazil
Hands-on marketer, mom and accomplished (chocolate chip cookie) baker.
I'm a NorCal native living Swiss culture. I love anything outdoors, social and food related.  

I spend the summers in sunny California and the rest of the year you'll find me in the Alps, on the shores of Lake Geneva and over at (or on Twitter). 

  • SFSU
    Marketing, 1993 - 1996
  • Fachhochschule Aachen
    Intl Business, 1995 - 1995
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