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6 billion hours of video are watched monthly on YouTube alone and mobile viewing makes up over 40%! Are you using video to market your business?

Inspired by this excellent post -> from +Ann Smarty, we're talking about how to easily add video to your marketing agenda this week on #BizHeroes.

We'd love to see you Tuesday! Please follow the #BizHeroes  tag on Twitter and join the convo!

This week's questions:

Q1 How do you know when video is right for your business? 
Q2. What are some ways you can use video to reach your customers? 
Q3. What trends are you seeing with businesses using Video? 
Q4. Live streaming apps like Periscope + Meerkat are in! What kind of video content could a small business create using these?
Q5 How to you drive your customers to watch your videos? and what about increasing comments, shares or favorites? 
Q6. What are some ways to connect with your viewers even after the video has finished? 
Q7. What are your favorite platforms/tools/apps for video recording? 
Q8. Tell us who you think is doing an outstanding job using Video to promote their business and why! 
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Kelly Hungerford

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Here's a great post by +Mack Collier on how to create and promote content that will meet your KPIs.

Bookmark it to share with friends and peers who may need help but not know where to begin. Nice inforgraphic within!
For most of us, we write a new blog post, then maybe we share it on Twitter and Facebook, and hope for the best. We tell ourselves that 'good content will find
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Kelly Hungerford

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Looking for case studies on earned media?  Great resource to tap into for your next presentation. Thanks to +Heidi Cohen
Want to increase your earned media reach? Examine these earned media examples selected by top marketing and PR experts to apply them to your organization.
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Kelly Hungerford

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IMPORTANT! Tomorrow, April 21, Google rolls out some pretty hefty changes to improve mobile ranking that are being billed as "bigger than Penguin or Panda". Is your website Mobile Friendly and Google Ready? 

Tuesday's  #BizHeroes  is dedicated to the topic: how Google's changes are expected to help (or hurt) a site, what changes need to be made and most importantly what does this mean for your business. 

Here are the questions to get the chat rolling. If you have a question you'd like me to add, tweet me @kdhungerford or leave a comment below and I'll make sure we address it. 

Join us tomorrow at 2PM ET to discuss impact, opportunities and challenges. I look forward to chatting with you!

Q1. What does mobile friendly really mean?
Q2. What Does the new Google mobile algorithm mean for websites and how will it help, or hurt, my business?
Q3. Can a website audit help? Where should we begin start and what do we look for? 
Q4. What type of errors or issues should we specifically be looking for? 
Q5. What else can be done to improve mobile ranking across search engines (and not just Google)? 
Q6. Who, or which websites, can you recommend for more information or help? 
On April 21st, Google implements two important changes to help users discover mobile-friendly content. Is your website mobile friendly and Google ready?
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Yesterday's #bizheroes  Chat with +Robert Moore from +oneQube  on the power of Link Listening really struck chord with the community: give us the tools we need to move past superficial vanity metrics. We want to know who our audience is and what makes them tick! 

20 million impressions, 1500 tweets, 133 participants and sixty minutes later... the best of yesterday's TweetChat has been captured in this Storify ->  

If I missed your tweet let me know. I'll happily add it.

If you're looking for the unabridged edition of the chat,  you'll find all the tweets here in this transcript.

Thanks to everyone who participated. It was a knowledge packed and fun sixty minutes together!  Thank you +Jessica E. Roberts for the stunning visuals throughout the chat. You rock! 
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Stay tuned!!! 
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Kelly Hungerford

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I've been following +Mack Collier's monthly series / case study on social, content and seo.

He offers great transparency on a look behind the scenes on how the three work together. Thanks Mack!
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Are you using Instagram to market your business? Sharing how-tos, daily inspiration and DIY tips are connecting businesses with customers daily! 

This week on #BizHeroes we dive into Instagram basics, starting with these 5 super-tips ->

Come join us! Just follow the #BizHeroes  tag on Twitter, Tuesday at 2pm ET, and learn how this social platform can help you find and connect with your customers! 

This week's chat questions:

Q1 How do you know if Instagram is right for your business?
Q2 How are successful businesses attracting clients using Instagram?
Q3 What trends are you seeing right now with businesses using Instagram? 
Q4 What are some ways businesses can use user generated content on Instagram?
Q5 How do you keep your Instagram followers interacting with you? Types of content? Giveaways? Contests?
Q6 What type of tools and services are you using to increase comments, shares and favorites? Give us your success story! 
Q7 Tell us who you think is rocking Instagram and why! 

#instagram #marketing #tips
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Hey everyone, Happy Tuesday!

Today at #BizHeroes  Jeremy Waite, Head of Digital Strategy for +Salesforce Marketing Cloud EMEA, joins us to talk about brands who are significant.

Jeremy recently published a book about brands creating profits with purpose and how they are blazing past the competition along the way. 

One really strong message I walked away with after reading Jeremy's book was that you don't need to have a big budget or a slick advertising agency in order for your company to create profits with purpose.

Simply starting with putting people and purpose before profit is places you on the right road. Sound too good to be true? It takes work but the great news here is that companies of any size can be significant.  

We're thrilled to have Jeremy with us to talk about how small business owners (or really business and marketing minds in any sized company) can push past survival and success to hit significance.  

 Plan your break today for 2pm ET and join +Magda Alexandra Torres and myself for  #BizHeroes . We look forward to seeing you there!

P.S. This is an awesome opportunity to meet and connect with one of the nicest, most generous, creative and inspiring people in business today. 

Here are the chat Questions:

Q1 You just self-published the 445 page ‘No Rights Reserved' book titled "From Survival to Significance". What inspired you? 

Q2. The roll of a brand (and branding) has changed over time. What is the role of the brand today? 

Q3 What makes a brand ‘great’? 

Q4 What does a brand need to do to be significant? (This sounds like big brand stuff…)  

Q5 Where does the customer fit into brand significance? How does a brand put control in the hands of the customer?

Q6. We hear about story telling a lot in the context of content marketing. What are the effects of positive stories for a brand and in branding?  

Q7 What significant brands do you believe in? 
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Kelly Hungerford

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Have you ever met someone in life who is wholeheartedly and 100% people-first passionate when it comes to relationships and building businesses? 

Meet +JP De Clerck. He's one of them. Not only that, he's one of the most bad-ass (and best kept secret) customer-centric and content marketers around.  

He's my guest today on #bizheroes  and I'd love for you to meet him!
Looking at customer-centricity the unusual way - preview of the #bizheroes chat on customer-centricity.
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Kelly Hungerford

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Big changes roll out tomorrow. Is your website ready?

The changes aren't tough to make and Google's done a great job at listing out the steps that need to be taken. However small businesses are more at risk than larger organisations, if for no other reason than resources or having the time to make the changes. 

Would love your thoughts and even better -- I'd love you to join the discussion on Twitter tomorrow at 2pm ET at #BizHeroes .  
On April 21st, Google implements two important changes to help users discover mobile-friendly content. Is your website mobile friendly and Google ready?
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Kelly Hungerford

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This week on #bizheroes we have +Robert Moore from spiderQube with us to talk about the importance of Link Listening and Micro Communities -- and I couldn't be more excited about it! 

Here's the back story on how I was introduced to Robert, Link Listening and Micro Communities: 

As marketers, we talk a lot about the importance of social media listening and social media listening tools to help us identify and engage with our target audiences, identify product, service or content opportunities, build community and ultimately support a business goal. 

Like many marketers, I rely heavily on keyword searches, Twitter lists or #tags and use a hand-full of tools to analyse and go from there. I use a mix of tools and get decent results and I feel I know my community, or communities well. 

Not so long ago I tried a tool recommended by +Jessica E. Roberts called SpiderQube (from +oneQube). I tried it out (several times) and thought it was a great service, but put it in the bag with other Social Media Management tools. I didn't think I really needed it.

Then I watched a HOA with founder Robert Moore on Link Listening and Micro Communities. A light went off in my head and I pulled that service right back out of the bag.

The HOA was one of the most eye opening product demos I've seen in a long while.  Watching Robert analyze the communities that form around content and not just keywords or followers made so much sense. 

Robert's demo made me realize that an element critical to my own social listening and outreach strategy had been missing: the ability to quickly analyze, identify and connect with the micro communities that form around the content you write or share, and the significant role they play in your community and marketing strategy. 

This #Bizheroes we're diving into Link Listening -- what it is, why it's important, why we should drill down to the micro level in communities and how micro communities can help us connect with exactly the right people, help us reach our goals and grow our businesses.

We're lighter on the questions this topic to allow more time for discussion and exploration. We look forward to seeing you April 14th chat with Robert, 2pm on Twitter! 

Q1: What is the biggest obstacle content publishers face today? 

Q2: How do you find these smaller communities of content sharers? 

Q3: What is “Link Listening?” 

Q4: What can Link Listening tell me about my site’s readership?

Q5: Why are smaller subset communities important to (small) business owners and marketers? 
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Oh mang, I missed this one. The #JVMCha  weeks are impossible. 
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Kelly Hungerford

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Email hack alert!  

If you receive an invite to click anywhere from me, please delete. 

Thanks to +Michael Chirinian for the tip that my email had just been hacked and sorry for any inconvenience. 

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Je savais que les pirates aller vers toi .Leur offres étaient trop alléchantes soyez vigilants avec les mails merci de me prévenir à plus Ma belle
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Online Community Builder and Social Media Marketer. I help companies build brand presence through people-centric content, community, communications and customer care.
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    Large Account Development, 1996 - 1999
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Los Angeles, California - Munich, Germany - Frankfurt, Germany - San Francisco, California - Sao Paulo, Brazil
Digital Marketer helping brands build better customer experiences
I help companies connect with the people who matter and exceed their business goals through improved customer experience. 

Community building for customer care, marketing and product development.  
I'm passionate about the role customers and community play in the future of business and digital transformation. 

How can I help you? Connect with me on Twitter @kdhungefordLinkedin or my blog and let me know. 

  • SFSU
    Marketing, 1993 - 1996
  • Fachhochschule Aachen
    Intl Business, 1995 - 1995
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