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Now I have a 9-year-old, a 4-year-old, and a newborn. Mazel tov!

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Can't seem to right-click on links (I get instead feedly's social media share options). Please restore this.

Organizing my CDs/DVDs

I have an inclination to hoard and collect. Fortunately, I've disciplined myself to keep this compulsion to mostly digital media. (This is possibly worth discussing in another post). Unfortunately, over the years I have stacks and stacks of CDs and DVDs that haven't really been useful because I haven't found a consistent way to organize and inventory their contents.

Here's my latest attempt to do so.

I'm using:
3T external hard drive

I've used an external hard drive and Backblaze to back up my data for some time now. I've created a new folder on the hard drive to specifically hold all of the music I have on CDs and DVDs.

Pathfinder makes it easy for me to organize files on the fly, and so I just drag the external media into the folder and rename it with a catalog code. That way, if I ever wanted to find the original file on CD, I would know which spindle stack to dig through.

I then drag the external media into a blank TextWrangler document, which automatically generates a complete directory listing of the entire disc. Neat. I cut and paste that into a new note within an "Inventory" stack in Evernote. 

Rinse and repeat.

Now a simple Evernote search will help me locate any file I've catalogued. I can also then use Evernote to add any additional information or annotations about any file (i.e., the lyrics to a song). 

Okay -- enough tease. I'm nodding off. Seacrest out.

Hey-o. Barry finds love in Virginia. #Election2010  

Looks like a bad day at the stock exchange at the Romney gathering in Boston. #Election2012  

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