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Lisa Malcom
Marketing and Social Media Consultant! My goal is to help YOU get your business in the NOW!
Marketing and Social Media Consultant! My goal is to help YOU get your business in the NOW!

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Vote for Key West, Florida - Best Halloween Destination Nominee 

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I had the pleasure of meeting +Matthew Karsten  +Expert Vagabond and crew when they came to the Florida Keys!  
No visit to South Florida is complete without road tripping down to the Conch Republic for a few days.

Especially if you like pirates, key lime pie, watersports, and live music!

+Expedia  #‎FloridaKeys‬

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Vote for Key West's Fantasy Fest as Best Cultural Festival!  

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Fantasy Fest Key West nominated for Best Cultural Festival …Please VOTE for Fantasy Fest!!! 

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Thank you +Kristi Hines for creating the top 10 social monitoring tools for businesses on a budget.  Some of these I am using and others I will now look into. 

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Google has a new feature in Google Webmaster Tools to report how usable it finds your site for mobile.

Tool Check Time!  I've decided to take inventory on what tools I'm using and look at the new options out there.  Have you taken a social media tool inventory and if so what did you find?  

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+Barbara Delollis interviewed Faro Blanco Yacht Club & Marina General Manager Alain Giudice about the new marina opening Dec. 2014 in Marathon, Florida.     
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Q Will the Faro Blanco marina be completely new? 
A Well, yes and no. We’re building the marina and resort on the same site as the iconic Faro Blanco resort that had its heyday in the 1970s and 1980s. Hurricane Wilma in 2005 had destroyed the docks, so we’re building the marina - as well as the Hyatt Place hotel, waterfront restaurant and other facilities - from scratch. In other words, it’s “old” and “new” at the same time. You can feel the sense of anticipation building as we move ahead with construction because we’re bringing a landmark that was beloved by so many generations back to life.

Q What is the biggest advantage of building a new marina today? 
A Many of the old marinas have to adjust their offerings to accommodate the physical aspect of today’s vessels. We have the advantage of designing specifically for the modern vessel and boater. The majority of existing marinas were designed in the 1950s and 1960s, when the boats were smaller. Even 10 years ago, boats were much smaller and were not as wide as they are today.

Q How different will the Faro Blanco marina and its facilities be compared to the former version? 
A It’s like night and day! In the old days, you had a ship store and you sold ice. But today, marinas are now becoming destination resorts. This is what our emphasis is with Faro Blanco. The level of the service that we will be providing our guests will be equal to the best resort and destination marinas. The state-of-the-art marina facility will be the best in the entire Keys.

Q For boaters, having ample electricity and fuel service is key. What services can they expect at Faro Blanco’s marina? 
A The electricity requirements for boats are more elaborate now than they used to be, so we will provide 30amp, 50amp and 100amp electrical hookup. Additional services such as haul out, land storage and service repairs will be available from Marathon Marina, the nearby boatyard facility.

Q What can people do when they dock at Faro Blanco marina? 
A During the day, they can certainly fish and at the same time, watch for dolphins splashing alongside their vessels. Marathon is also popular with scuba divers and it has plenty of family friendly attractions such as the Turtle Hospital and Dolphin Research Center. We also expect our guests will also relax on property, which is why we decided to build two pools - instead of one - at the adjacent Hyatt Place hotel. There’s also a fitness center if they want to work out.

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New +Hyatt Place hotel opening in Marathon, Florida - a/k/a the middle of the Keys and the boating and family destination of the beautiful Florida Keys!  I'm looking forward to the opening of Faro Blanco Resort and Yacht Club!  

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