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This is what a coupe looks like, people. Rosenstein is trying to obstruct the investigation into FBI malfeasance, and for good reason: He's up to his eyeballs in conflict and corruption.

The NY Times reports that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein suggested secretly recording President Trump to expose chaos in the White House and enlisting Cabinet members to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove him from office.

This is the same Rosenstein who appointed Mueller as special prosecutor and is leading the Russian witch, um, probe.

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This is Maxine Watters' America. This is violent. This is ugly.

The media criticizes Trump endlessly about his comments. The left has resorted to violence and a level of harassment that would spark immediate outrage in the media if directed against blacks, gays, women or any other group except Conservatives.

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The history of America's current immigration policy is a legacy of liberal lawsuits gone wrong. Which, of all Trump's fault.

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Given the outrage expressed by the left over foreign interference in our elections, you'd think they would be up in arms about illegals and non-citizens voting in our elections. Er...not so much.

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In 2016, Trump predicted this kind of eye-popping economic growth. Barack Obama famously chided, "How's he going to do this...wave a magic wand?"

No sir. This is what happens when you actually believe in the free market instead of centralized govt control. There are 3 things you can point to that account for this surge:

1) A roll-back of regulatory burdens coupled with tax cuts that spurred capital spending by businesses (10% biz investment growth is a key part of this 4.1 GDP).

2) Emphasis on energy production. This has gone largely unreported by a media focused on Russia and secret Trump tapes.

3) Trade reciprocity. Our trade deficit fell by $50 billion. Trump's approach to achieving this trade balance (tariffs) could derail this growth if deals aren't struck soon. President in my adult life has fought harder for American workers than Trump.

It's important to remember that not a single Democrat voted for the policies that contribute to this growth. Not one. To the contrary, they equated tax cuts to "crumbs" and "Armageddon". There's a good chance the Dems will win control of the House in November. If they do, you can say goodbye to this level of growth and the rising wages that accompany it.

In the words of lefty Bill Maher: "If a recession is what it takes to get Trump out of office...then BRING IT ON!" Okie dokie.

"When the crowd is going one way, it can be hard to be the only one going in the other direction. In America, we don't celebrate the mob. We celebrate the prson who has the courage and conviction to stand up to the mob. Have the courage to stand up to the mob. Be a leader." - Nikki Haley

Watching the news today, it's clear liberals on The Hill are losing their collective minds on Trump's SCOTUS pick -- a man who coaches his daughter's basketball team, volunteers in soup kitchens, and is widely regarded as one of the most fair and intellectual individuals on the bench today.

The left? They're claiming the end of the world is near. Again. Bat shit crazy.

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We're getting to a very weird place in our country. Protests over border security have led to a movement to abolish ICE...which has nothing to do with border security.

ICE has three primary functions: immigration enforcement (focused mostly on deporting convicted felons, whom sanctuary cities try and shield), investigating the illegal movement of people and goods (drug and sex trafficking), and preventing terrorism.

Anyone who thinks abolishing ICE will make our nation safer or more humane is right up there with the Occupy Wall Street crowd in their understanding of how things actually work.
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