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#PlutoFlyBy in 4 hours. Take that, Pluto!

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My contribution to the Radiolab story "Haunted"...

"After I first heard Dennis’ story, I poked around on the Internet, looking for someone to explain how a flashlight could communicate with the dead. A bit of googling led me to a 21-minute-long video on YouTube that breaks down the particulars of what are known as "flashlight sessions." 
The video was made by a man in Germany named Burkhard Reike. When I called him up, I was greeted with the most incredible sound I have ever heard."

:)) That was my armchair!

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Paderborn leads in the Bundesliga! Yesssssss!

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My latest clip.

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Super Dad dancing with Kids

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Stand-your-ground, ultimate.

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Please leave the ghost busting to "Ghostbusters"
"The Conjuring" is similar to 1979's "Amityville Horror" in that it is allegedly based on a true story about a family that gets tormented by spirits right after they moved into a new home. Another similarity would be that the movie has a couple of ghost scenes that are quite creepy. However, I could not really get into it because - unlike "Amityville Horror" - the movie doesn't concentrate on the family but instead tries to establish two unlikely heroes from the most annoying demographic on the planet: paranormal investigators.
#horror #mystery #thriller  
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