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Insatiably curious.


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Watchman is one if my faves - both the original graphic novel and also the movie.

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I'm pretty handy around a Chromebook (I was an early adopter) but I learned several instantly useful Chromebook tips from this article.
Supercharge your Chromebook

An excellent resource for anyone who uses Chrome OS -- tons o' useful and off-the-beaten-path tips!

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Great specs, except screen brightness is "just" 310 nits, plenty for dark-room use for gaming or video watching, less usable for fluorescent lit spaces if full color gamut and contrast ratios are your goal.
It looks like Razer got a little too excited and put the Razer Phone on sale early. Are you going to pick up the first phone from the gaming company? #News #razer #RazerPhone

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Except for the mysteriously high rating for Taco Bell (I think the author is a flack for Taco Bell, take a look at his web page), this is an interesting list of fast foods you should either try, or avoid, depending on whether the Dark Angel or the Light Angel sitting on your shoulders has your attention this morning.

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And in other, "what a strange, strange world," news, Harvey Weinstein apparently hired Ray Donovan to steal Rose McGowan's wallet (wallet? do ladies have wallets?), plant a small envelope with cocaine in it, and leave it on a plane as Rose disembarked.

Wow. I don't know what's more incredible - a conspiracy story like that, or the fact that Weinstein is apparently so evil and so aggressive in silencing opposition, that a part of me thinks it could be true.

Should Apple keep the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, or let the X replace the Plus? Then replace the current smaller, regular, 8 with a “Home-buttonless” x version just like the X but sized like the 4.7” iPhone 6, 7, and 8.

I mean if the X can have a 5.8” screen in a body size that is in-between the 8 and 8 Plus, Apple should be able to fit a 5” or even bigger screen into an iPhone 8 sized body which currently has only a 4.7” screen.

Obviously despite the glitch at Apple’s presentation when face unlock failed, face unlock is generally pretty good and can’t be faked out with pictures like the Android versions that don’t project dots of infrared to measure the face in 3D. So why keep the Home button around any longer? It eats up huge amounts of screen space.

Maybe the only thing holding Apple back is the rumored difficulty of mass producing the 3D recognition camera modules.

Oh. Interesting trivia. The company that developed Apple’s 3D module originally invented the...Xbox Kinect.

What I’d like to see next year is a 5-5.2” “baby X”, the current X, and a 6-6.2””super X” based on the current dimensions of the Plus line.

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These little gizmos often stream better video to your computer monitor than your computer does - and never turns on a cooling fan. I'm tempted to get one for Netflix and Amazon streaming.

You know what never skips a streaming beat, doesn't buffer or downgrade unless Comcast is terrible that night? The Apple iPad. The video chips/signal processing chips are much better than we seem to get from Intel on laptops. But iPads, unlike this little Roku, don't cost $29.

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This new handcrafted-in-America soft-sided mini-briefcase will hold a netbook or iPad in its padded slot, with room enough for Bose headphones etc. in the center. Padding also runs across the bottom and on both of the sides (but not the ends). Compared to the Gator, it should sit on the back or shoulder without being so chunky-wide.

Compared to the Gator, it doesn't look like you are either (a) going to the shooting range or (b) hauling expensive SLR gear around. In other words, you should look like less of a target for thieves.

It's 9"x12"x4".

Kind of the "handmade in America" equivalent to an AmazonBasics 11.6" padded laptop bag.

Costs a lot more of course. Main thing is that 4" width, you can actually carry around some over-the-ear headphones.

It's near sibling, the Gator (also worth a look) is same dimensions, but 2" thicker. That 2" turns the Gator from a mini-briefcase into a mini-trunk. I have the Gator and it's capacious enough for an over-nighter, especially if I pack clothes and toilet kit in the center and use the end-pouches and side pouches for chargers and other small stuff.

This new "Micro Manager" looks more like a mini-briefcase than a trunk, and is slimmer and narrower since it doesn't have bellows pockets at either end and on one side. No more over-nighters with the Micro Manager, but better netbook/tablet protection.

Note that the Tom Bihn Daylight Briefcase is much cheaper and a lot lighter to carry. But then, it doesn't have the excellent padding the Gator is known for (and which is also features in the new bag). (see tombihn dot com).

I think this is a very cool bag, especially for flyers. I wish I knew if it will hold a Surface 3 (or other 10.1" tablet w/keyboard). I doubt it will hold an 11.6" laptop - my Gator won't, and the published length and width are the same for the Micro Manager.

Red Oxx's one failure is the weight of their bags: this is 2 pounds. And just 432 cubic inches. Almost every other potential competitor does much better than than - the Patagonia Lightweight Black Hole 20L Cinch Pack, the Pacsafe Metrosafe LS350, Tom Bihn Daylight Briefcase - has a much better volume to weight ratio. But none are as protective as the Micro Manager and Gator and CPA and Metro, all from Red Oxx, with some seriously thick, dense, closed-cell foam padding on bottom, left, and right sides.

BTW I double checked the Red Oxx link and it is correct for the PRODUCT but Google splashes up the wrong PICTURE - a picture of the huge burrito carryon.

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Finally, a potential replacement for my 2013, 1080p, 7" Nexus 7 tablet. I wish I were joking, but I despair of Google ever releasing a Nexus 8 and the Nexus 9 just isn't as good as my Nexus 7 for movie watching.

So, the OnePlus 5t which has a nice 6", 1080p screen might be the closest I can find to a replacement small tablet/PMP (portable media player). It will be especially appealing if sold and backed up by Amazon.

The only problem with the OnePlus 5t is the stupid cellular phone capability they built into it. Oh well, everybody knows phones can be used without activation (and resulting expensive monthly phone bills) as mini or micro tablets.

I knew large phones - phablets - would kick smaller tablets to the curb in the market place. I just didn't think they would end up being the ONLY quality small tablets.

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Wow. This is very thoughtful of T-Mob. VoLTE is much clearer than noisy cell tower signals. Right now I try to used FaceTime in Audio only mode for clear calls. Regular cellular calls are worse than the landline hardware we had in the '60's.
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