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WhooogoPlays #Banished

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Check out my art on Tumblr

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We are this close to making HACK a series!  

Turns out:  it's all about how many people watch the re-run.

Hi gang-- the big news is that National Geographic has decided to re-run "Hacking the System" TODAY at 5pm EST (4pm central).

This is huge, because a large part of whether a show gets picked up for a full season has to do with its "stickiness" ...essentially, its ability to draw a large number of viewers upon its 2nd, 3rd, and 4th airings.

The feedback I've heard so far (and this is third-hand, so please don't hold me to it), is that HACK did well on its first airing, but that this re-run really matters to help National Geographic know whether or not the show has legs.

So, (and I'm betting you can guess where this is headed), I'd really, really like you to program your DVR's to record  today's re-run, and please please please tell all your friends about the show.

You might think that there's no way your little action can matter:  trust me, it really does.  Moving the needle just a few degrees can mean the difference between this being a one-off special, or the beginning of a 10-year lifehacking dynasty.

So here's the plan:  I'll do another watch-party livestream tonight, we'll try to get #HackingTheSystem as a trending topic again, and you guys will spread the word to all your families and online friends who you know will dig the show.

(I mean, you've already seen it by now, right?  So you can feel good about spreading the word on it to your friends... Right?)

I sincerely love you guys, and I can't thank you enough for all you've made possible so far.  Here's hoping this little extra push will take us over the edge.

Brian Brushwood
Host of Discovery's Scam School and National Geographic's Hacking the System
Half of the Billboard #1 "Night Attack" comedy album team

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GSP #23 - 2013 Winter Movie Draft is now up!

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Memory Lane

Check out this first segment from the very 1st episode. Come for the whopping 128MB of SDRAM, stay for the $5,000 monitor. 

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Get photoshop CS2 for free (legally)

Note - Adobe is being hammered right now so the links are mostly not working. Best bookmark the link and check back later in the day.

Adobe's giving away CS2. I've seen some comments saying it doesn't play well with current Mac OS - but Windows machines are fine with it apparently. Anyway, no harm in downloading it to try it out.

If you want some tutorials on what to do with Photoshop once you've got it, I post tutorials on G+ ( and collate them on my blog:

#photoshop   #adobe  

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Get a free PDF copy of "Zombie Dick or, The Undead Whale" while available!

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New HTS Comics!  SuperDad - Glasses

Finally getting myself to do some comics again… it had been too long! Today’s comic is of Marissa going to the Eye Doctor and then getting her new pair of Eye Glasses… did I ever mention that this SuperDad comic reflex on real live occurrences?
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