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Interetsing how in Flux + React combo, Flux is about aggregating events to show birds-view picture (instead of them being scattered through different models/views), while React does the opposite with event handlers, unlike, say, Backbone.View's declarative "events" object — it scatters them throughout component's markup. I suppose if components are kept small, scattered event handlers are not as problematic as scattered relationships between models and views.

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"Fortunately there are couple of people who consistently tackle issues that the lazy people have opened, and submit super high quality PRs with unit and functional tests, documentation and entries in the CHANGELOG. These people are the main reason that I still work on FOSS."


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"I didn't speak out publicly against the report because horseshit studies that draw attention to themselves by seemingly refuting numerous other studies come out all the time and they only see the light of day because they're catnip to faux news agencies looking for ratings."

So true...

"Furthermore, when you bulk up and body fat levels rise, you can gradually decrease insulin sensitivity, which can actually impede muscle growth. Insulin is actually a signaling protein for both muscle and fat cells to utilize amino acids and glucose. Ideally, insulin-sensitive muscle cells will readily absorb glucose and amino acids when insulin "signals" them to open. With increased body fat, though, comes increased levels of insulin, and this can desensitize muscle cells to insulin's signaling effects."

Meadows on bulking

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"When doing intense lifting, the body is under stress and it will adapt in such a way that if exposed again to the same stress, it will be better prepared to handle it. In doing so, the body will look for the most economical solution. Improving the _neural efficiency_ is much more economical than building new muscle because it doesn't require much actual tissue construction."

CT on neuro-muscular adaptations. This just makes so much sense from the evolutionary perspective. Nothing new in the first sentences but sounds absolutely enlightening overall, and in this context.

Would be interesting to see actual studies on this.

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T-nation usually has pretty high-quality posts but once in a while you get nonsense like this —

Truth is — there's no such thing as "raw physical qualities".

Every movement (i.e. physical quality) is based on specific skill set. Any horizontal/vertical push/pull involves a specific skill. Squat, deadlift, press, row, carry, throw, hip hinge, etc. — all of these involve neuromuscular adaptations.

You get stronger through those movements and skill is improved naturally by practicing the movement (e.g. via progressive overload).

Skill --> better form and higher loads --> increases in strength due to adaptation to those loads and patterns. This is a holistic process; can't just separate it.

How can one get stronger without improving a skill set in particular movement? Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy? Isolation movements? This is silly.

Yes, if you want to look good nekkid (tm), you can (sometimes) get away with disregarding strength and skill. There's no point in practicing highly-technical movements like snatch.

But if you actually want to get strong — overall strong — practicing that same snatch might just make you stronger overall. And even help with other movements (not talking about multitude of other benefits like improved shoulder and ankle mobility and stability).

/cc +Garrett Smith 

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Mmmm... finally some quality D'n'B track

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Cryptic JIT talks are cryptic:

"... can we just blow another 4 bytes on
JOF_SCOPECOORD ops and embed the atom? Actually, with bug 932276, the only remaining use of the 4 byte blockIndex current embedded in JOF_SCOPECOORD ops is from Ion/Baseline JITs, so we could use the O(n) GetBlockChainAtPC added by bug 932276 and remove the blockIndex."
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