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Kristin Milton
Easily distracted by maps, books and other shiny things.
Easily distracted by maps, books and other shiny things.

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I know some geologists who still keep coloured pencils in their desk....

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Travelling for work. I do enjoy it, even the lulls in airport bars. But it makes for long days.

Phrase of the day 'dark innovation'... it's terribly difficult to say without wanting to add an evil scientist laugh.
Other good things:
- it's a blustery autumn day. It's so nice not to step out into the heat every day after work!
- my Great Aunt Joan turned 101 this week.
What's going well for you today?

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So I survived this terrible, horrible no good day. Thank you to everyone who shared good things with me :)
Here are three good things that happened to me anyway.
1. +Cymru Llewes​ and +Ramanan S​ and +Tony Love​. The baby monkey and the comic recommendations were awesome. And secret zoo life I will share with wriggler tomorrow!
2. walking back to the car through the city, i accidentally made eye contact with and old guy on a bench. He smiled and said 'don't work too hard' and it made me smile.
3. This video from Neil Gaiman, still a favourite author in our house.
A taster for the mini-documentary we filmed in Iceland, ten days ago...

Hi plussers!
Stuff is hard here today. Lots of personal stuff that I can't/won't share. Lots of unnecessary drama around some totally unfair and heartbreaking things.
So I'm crowdsourcing gratitude today.
What's going right for you?
What made you smile today?
What are you looking forward to?
Bonus points for cute animal pictures, puns and jokes of a non political nature.

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Seriously America?
A 70 year old Australian Children's author is a security risk?

Did they think she'd smuggle in a possum?

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I am not sure what to say about this.
You know when comedy is so close to your reality it makes you squirm?

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Thank you to everyone who posts political angst and venting only in collections. It's made it very easy for me to clear the Trumpening out of my stream without uncircling you.
I am happy to report that my stream is now mostly puppies, cool science, geogeekery and amazing art.
The attached photo is posted outside my son's classroom. I wish we could have more political dialogue that met this grade school standard - but until we do, I need to limit my exposure for my own sanity.

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Here's something both highly pessimistic and light-hearted about the current state of the EU.
A map of the potential names of the next country to leave...
I'm quite partial to Czech -out.
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