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DeAnna Patterson
In a messy, broken world, life is good!
In a messy, broken world, life is good!

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The one with New Hope Foundation & my shameless request
I am completely, 100% shameless in writing this particular blog asking this of you: please, please, please buy one of these amazing t-shirts!!! but seriously, please consider buying one t...

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The one with the fruits of the spirit & my heels
If you're like me & you spent years growing up in the church, this verse is ingrained in your memory.  Thanks to years of Bible Drill, it's ingrained in mine! The thing about verses like this--the ones that are ingrained in our memories--is that sometimes t...

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The one with #pattersonpartyoffive update (Originally written 3/30/2015)
Originally written 3/30/2015** Hello all~ Most of you know by now that yes, we are home safe & sound!  What a relief it was to hear "Welcome to the United States of America Ladies & Gentlemen" & even sweeter, 4 hours later, "Welcome to Charlotte!"  Not that...

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The one with the "Brother Baths" (Originally written 3/24/2015)
Originally written 3/24/2015** ​All my boys are sleeping-including my rockstar Hubbs-& I'm e-journaling processing through all the feels.  I wanted to share a little about "brother baths" & how the Lord is teaching me already through these 3 kiddos: Tomor...

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The one with Exploring GZ (Originally written 3/24/2015)
Originally written 3/24/2015** Hello~   Guangzhou (GZ) is much prettier than the other cities we've been to & the weather is pretty nice.  The boys are getting a little stir-crazy, so we spent the morning exploring the Pearl/jade market & Shamin Island.  Gr...

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The one where I felt like crap. In China. (Originally written 3/22/2015)
Originally written 3/22/2015** Whew, what a week!  The past 24 hours have been our "rock bottom":   something JP & I ate caused a 24hr stomach bug that knocked me on my rear & had JP practically single-handedly maneuvering our trip from Zhenzhou to Guangzho...

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The one with day #2 & day #3 (Originally written 3/15/2015)
Originally written 3/15/2015** Hello family & friends~ Yesterday was an adventurous day in Beijing for us!  We began by hiking the Great Wall--Jonathan ended up carrying Jayson in our Ergo b/c the steps were uneven & varied in depth.  It was an interesting ...

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The one with "we're here!" (Originally written 3/13/2015)
Originally written 3/13/2015** So we're here!  We made it safely & the flights were pretty uneventful  over all! Our hotel is super-swanky & there are 7 other families here w ith our agency for adoption purposes.  We are touring Beijing  together today & wi...

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The one with 10 days & the BIG FEELS (Originally written 3/1/2015)
Originally written 3/1/2015* * We are 10 days away from leaving for China.  10. Days.  Oh my.  We have 7 "to-do" lists.  Yes, 7.  Things to buy, things to pack, things to prepare, things to do before we leave, etc. Oh my.   So many of you have called & emai...

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The one where we are on our way! (Originally written 2/23/2015)
Several of these will be back posted, because we sent emails to friends & family instead of using the public blog prior to leaving & while we were gone.   Originally written 2/23/2015 Hello family, friends, & friends-like-family~ For a multitude of reasons,...
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