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Centre for Quantum Technologies
A research centre at the National University of Singapore, also known around the web as quantumlah.
A research centre at the National University of Singapore, also known around the web as quantumlah.

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A few pictures from our colloquium yesterday. Thanks Joe Fitzsimons for telling us about secure quantum computation, and thanks Idea Ink for the sketchnote!

Find the talk video online here in a week or two:

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It's time for our May colloquium. This Thursday, Joe Fitzsimons, a Principal Investigator at CQT and Assistant Professor at the Singapore University of Technology and Design, will speak on "Secure Quantum Computation".

Find more details and browse our colloquia archive at

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Congratulations to CQT's Wei Nie and Swarup Das - the latest PhD students to defend their theses. They have recently defended their

Wei Nie worked on "Gauge fields and geometric phases in periodic systems" with Kwek Leong Chuan.

Swarup Das did his thesis on "Application of precision measurements with trapped ion and development of a planar surface ion trap setup" in the group of Manas Mukherjee.

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“Many exciting things have been thrown on the table, a bit in disorder; we need to put them in order.”

So says CQT's Valerio Scarani in this long and fascinating feature from Quanta Magazine on the hot field of quantum thermodynamics.

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We have a colloquium coming up. On Thursday this week, CQT's Valerio Scarani will speak on "The applied side of Bell Nonlocality", at 4pm at CQT's level 3 seminar room.

If you can't make it, you will be able to watch the talk later at our video archive at:

Find more details and other info about upcoming CQT events at

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Watch us testing our quantum technology for space!

Earlier this week, CQT's Tanvirul Islam and Xueliang Bai took the engineering model for SpooQy-1, a nanosatellite designed to create entangled photons in space, to the far side of the National University of Singapore campus. They were testing its communication systems, checking that it could talk to the ground station the team have built on a rooftop near CQT. Later they will move to long-distance tests, and next year they hope to send SpooQy-1 into orbit.

The launch will be the next milestone in the team's program to develop technology for a global quantum communication network. Their first payload, launched in December 2015, demonstrated they could design a quantum light source robust enough to operate in space.

Read more about the group's work:

#NUSResearch #Cubesat #quantum

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CQT's Manas Mukherjee is looking for people to join his group to work on precision measurements of trapped Barium ions. He is advertising two postdoc positions and an opening for a research assistant (possibly leading to a PhD position):

Find details of other job openings at CQT here:

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New on our YouTube channel: a colloquium given at CQT in February by Fernando Pastawski from the Institute for Quantum Information and Matter.

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Singapore friends, what are you evening plans this week? For an alternative perspective on quantum physics, we recommend the NUS Arts Festival shows The Quantum Music Project and Sambhavna 2.0. More details and tickets via the links:

Quantum Music Project
Tue & Wed 21 & 22 Mar | 8pm | UCC Dance Studio

Sambhavna 2.0
Fri & Sat 24 & 25 Mar | 8pm | UCC Theatre

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Singapore scientists: there's a one-day workshop on post-quantum cryptanalysis happening this Saturday at NTU. Register by Wednesday to attend. Speakers are:

Jung Hee Cheon (Seoul National University)
Antoine Joux (Laboratoire d'informatique de Paris 6)
Noah Stephens-Davidowitz (New York University)
Jean-Pierre Tillich (INRIA Paris)
Nguyen Ta Toan Khoa (Nanyang Technological University)
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