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Targeted Microwave Solutions Inc.
A Paradigm Shift in Industrial Drying Technology
A Paradigm Shift in Industrial Drying Technology

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Targeted Microwave Solutions is Featured in Proactive Investors' Online March 22, 2017 Publication

Author: Emma Milton - "Going for Gold With its Revolutionary Technology to Dry the Black Stuff"

Low rank coal, the likes of lignite, doesn’t burn nearly as well as, or as hot as, the higher quality coal because it can be over 60% water. Targeted Microwave Solutions has come up with a green, cheaper, and safer alternative to traditional drying methods.

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Dr. James Young, CEO of Targeted Microwave Solutions, Speaks to Proactive's Andrew Scott About Their WAVEdri® Microwave Reactors

Proactive Investors is a leading multi-media news organisation, investor portal and events management business with offices in New York, Sydney, Toronto, Frankfurt and London. They have a +300,000 subscriber base and operate five financial websites in four different languages which attracts over 1.2 million unique visitors a month.

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We are pleased to announce our feature, "Introducing Microwave Beneficiation," in World Coal's March 2017 publication. World Coal magazine is an industry-leading B2B publication that covers the global coal chain, from the mine to the power plant.

Dr. James Young, CEO of Targeted Microwave Solutions, and Steven Lawson, CTO, demonstrate how vertical microwave drying can unlock advantages for coal processing.

The proven superiority of microwave energy has been generating value across multiple industrial and commercial segments for more than a half a century.

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TMS announced today the results of its initial industrial compost-biomass testing. The testing program took place at TMS’s commercial-scale demonstration plant and testing laboratory in King William, Virginia.

This testing is the result of the Company’s engagement of potential biomass customers as TMS begins to commercialize its WAVEdri® 3.0 industrial drying technology. The testing was undertaken in conjunction with technology application discussions with McGill Environmental Systems.

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Mr. Tom Stefan, CFO, of Targeted Microwave Solutions (TMS) presents at the Richmond Club.

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February 28, 2017 - PRESS RELEASE

Targeted Microwave Solutions Unveils Commercialization Strategy

TMS is currently pursuing three initial industry segments, in which it believes that its potential customer pipeline is substantial. The Company is currently working collaboratively with a major cat litter/consumer products company in the United States, as well as a number of biofuel producers in the United States, Canada and Europe, and significant coal companies in the United States and China.

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Targeted Microwave Solutions (TMS) Files New Patent Application and Trademark for WAVEdri®

TMS is pleased to announce that it has submitted a new United States provisional patent application. The provisional patent will allow the Company to seek patent protection in over 151 countries by filing one international application pursuant to the Patent Cooperation Treaty. The purpose of the new patent is to protect the Company’s Generation 3.0 technology produced as a result of the Company’s recently completed 18-month R & D cycle.

“The filing of this provisional patent application improves the Company’s ability to better protect and monetize our intellectual property. We look forward to commercially deploying Generation 3.0 to the coal, biomass and clay industries to demonstrate, at scale, its significant capabilities. We are excited about our future commercialization prospects,” said Steven Lawson, Chief Technology Officer.

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Clean Technology Eliminates Toxic Industrial Emissions .
Targeted Microwave Solutions Inc. is  pleased  to  announce  exceptional  air  emissions  and  water quality results. 
READ MORE: January 23, 2017 Press Release: 

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Targeted Microwave Solutions Announces Successful Commissioning Of New Gen 3.0 Reactor And Strong Initial Test Results

The Company is a reporting issuer in Canada and is listed on the following stock exchanges: | TSX-V: TMS | FRA: A2ACNT | OTCQX: TGTMF |

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