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Marija Golubovic
Obssesive photographer and writer, blogger, shower-singer, striving for intelligence and meanwhile playing on my XBOX
Obssesive photographer and writer, blogger, shower-singer, striving for intelligence and meanwhile playing on my XBOX

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Thank you for your persistence and love.
My dear readers, here I am, at the crossroads in my life - yet again. Soon I will start my exams and afterwards studies. My dream of working on my bachelor in media sciences will soon become a reality. That is why I want to start working on my writing skill...

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Types of Guys You Meet in Public Transport
Ever noticed how men tend to repeat themselves while you're on the way to work or school? Not the faces, mind you, but their behavior. Sometimes they make you feel uncomfortable, other times you just want to smile a little. Some are even worthy looking away...

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The Weekend.
So there we were: two people looking at each other, not caring for time and responsibilities. His deep blue eyes concentrated on mine with such feeling, which left me senseless to anything outside our small universe. His index finger ran down my naked body ...

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How to Write a Poem Mariryx Style
So here we go again. Lyrics. How it all began... I n my German class, we are dealing with poetry. We talk about all sorts of things connected to it - the way poetry makes us feel, makes us see the world.So naturally, we had to write our own poetry. Besides ...

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Winter is... Coming? - Music to get you through the (second half of) October
Hello, Earthlings! And, since this post will mostly be dedicated to Germany and it's crazy weather - HELLO PEOPLE LIVING IN GERMANY, NATIONALITY IRRELEVANT! Weather you're German, American, Dutch, Serbian, Afghan, a person of many nationalities or a person ...

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#enjoy   my #short   #trip   into the #beauty   of the #elephant   , #paper   and pen, a #human   and all things #people  
I hope you find a little #inspiration  in it :D

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The Inspiring Abyss of Everything
S o here I am again, stuck in this abyss of emptiness and disbelief. It sucks. Relentlessly, I've thrown away my love for people I hardly knew, for people who knew me in a way I didn't want them to. You see, I am the kind of person to give everyone a pedest...

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The endless fear...
F or as long as I can remember (and we're talking roughly about 20 years of memories) there has always been something bothering us about everything we do. Our brain is fast in calculating all possible results of one act, which, albeit a good power, can ofte...

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Part two to my ongoing project to write a Blog Book is online!
I admit, it is very short, but I do hope that it builds up the tension and makes you wish there was to read <3 If you do want to read more about Aidan and Katrin, do visit my site frequently to stay in the loop!

thanks for all the support!

#book   #creativity   #blogging   #love   #story   #katrin   #mariryx  

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- Hey Beth! Hold...on! I... can't.... breathe! - C'mon Kat, we've almost made it to the Kennedy Bridge! - I.... know... But.... I.... need.... some.... fucking... air! - Think of happy thoughts! Soon... You'll be home and... you'll take a nice, warm shower!...
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