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John Partridge
Father, husband, pastor, writer, speaker, engineer, just a guy trying to make sense of the world.
Father, husband, pastor, writer, speaker, engineer, just a guy trying to make sense of the world.

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Will YOU Join Our Mission?
The Trinity Church missions team has finalized the dates for our upcoming mission trip to The Joy Center in Big Creek, Kentucky. The Joy Center is an outreach center of the Red Bird Missionary Conference and is about 20 miles from the Red Bird Mission. At t...

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Homeless People: Do They Really Need Help?
In one of the hobby forums that I visit, a member recently
asked this question: Are homeless people scam artists, or do they really need
help?  He went on to say that he was
completely against giving handouts to people at freeway ramps because he felt
that ...

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The Value of an Invitation
We get four or five things in the mail everyday. Most of our mail is junk. Almost all of the rest is bills. Of course, we get letters from my mom who still
writes on paper and uses stamps but the rest of our friends and family communicate
electronically. Bu...

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Immigration and the Church
What should we do with immigrants? What is the right thing to do? Does the Bible offer any help or insight into this
problem at all? With all the press and politics surrounding the
issue of immigration, regardless of our personal feelings, we often wonder w...

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Trinity Says Goodbye to Arlene Jarvis
This week Trinity said goodbye to our dear friend Arlene Jarvis.  I guess it would be fair to describe her as and "old" friend both since many of us here had known her for a long time, and because she was 98 year old. Two things always stood out for me.  Fi...

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Called Over the Top
Be Outrageous. Be stupid. Jesus said so. Your friends are supposed to think that you’re crazy. Seriously. If you were here, I mentioned this on  Sunday , but it’s worth saying again.  In Matthew (5:38-48) Jesus makes a series of statements that often begin ...

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People came to the Temple every day but wondered why God didn't notice them. But God DID notice...

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Everyone asks us, "So what did you do in Africa?" We could talk for hours, but here's the short version...

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Five Countries, Three Continents
Wow. As you probably know by now, Patti and I have returned from our mission trip to Liberia, Africa with the Farmer to Farmer mission team.  This was my first trip to Africa, and Patti’s second, having been to Kenya fifteen years ago.  But while both of us...

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Trinity Remembers Alan Lee Keller
  Alan   Lee   Keller May 29, 1960  -  January 13, 2017   Resided in   North Fort Myers ,   FL Alan L. Keller, 56,
passed away at home in North Fort Myers, FL, surrounded by his family on
January 13, 2017. He was born on May 29, 1960 in Massillon to Arvine ...
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